New York Stock Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Trading Platform! & Robinhood Opens in Florida

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  1. Why such an inferior turd coin though? Come on, BTC is old news and needs to get out of the way. It did its thing.

    I mean its obvious that more coins will follow. I just don't understand how anyone could take BTC seriously anymore.

  2. I think institutionalization will slightly decrease volatility and blunt market manipulations like with ByteCoin listing on Binance. I also think institutionalization will help weed out bad projects quicker. It's a very exciting period for crypto as we are still very early. My favorite sector is privacy though and I know it will get somewhere with or without institutions, whether Sub for neutral internet, or NEX for decentralized exchanged and of course privacy coins like Monero, Zec and new promising ones like DeepOnion.

  3. Thanks Tony for mentioning taxes hardly anyone talks about the taxes when mentioning selling for profits. It’s good for those new to crypto to know that.

  4. Institutional money coming in !! Ready to ……manipulate the cryptoworld like they do for gold , silver and co !!

  5. I think you are right about the “waiting” time for an investment to grow.Remember the saying “easy comes,easy goes”.
    Love your videos Tony,and they are much appreciated…keep em comming 👍⭐️

  6. ☘️💚thanks Tony for such great news about New York Stock exchange 💚 at long last the world is waking up to crypto currency!! ☘️💚Crypto Granny UK and Ireland 💚☘️

  7. ☘️top of the morning to all ☘️ fab fab news for everyone … Irish Jig Time again ☘️💚Crypto Granny U.K. and Ireland ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  8. Pretty bad advice telling people to sell when the next bull market occurs. You should be telling the masses that they should hold for the long term 5 years to get massive gains.

  9. That's bullshit. because those fuckers made guys who had already opened up a bitcoin trading business close shop like 6 years ago. Now they are doing the same thing. Sigh. O well let the money flow I guess.

  10. As always very well said Tony!!!!
    Hold on to your cryptos guys. Or even better, take advantage of this market drop and buy cheaper. We will be rewarded!! Patience!!

  11. Hey tony how are you my man? Could you maybe shed some light on BITCOIN SCRYPT (BTCS) I am baffled as to why it’s less than 0.06 per coin with a maximum supply of 21m.. is this a 2nd chance to get in on something super cheap to make some serious gains or am I missing something here? Cheers! Love your work!

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