Nipsey Hussle invest in cryptocurrency

Nipsey Hussle goes to Amsterdam to check out Followcoin a new start up tech company in the cryptocurrency world. Like, comment, subscribe. Download + …


  1. I hope you guys are taking notes! Invest in Bitcoin! Anyone can do it.. no college degree or high paying job needed to invest! Dont miss this generational trade. Buy up😷

  2. Crypto is a wild wild west 99.99999 of whats out there is BS and no one knows which is which even BTC could be bs. Big up Nipsy for trying to enlight the people but…..

  3. Please invest in Bitcoin. It is the only way to take power back from the rich and powerful that have corrupted the system so bad that they pick the winners and looser. IT is exactly whats happening now with the fed printing cash. They are devaluing your dollar to print money to give to companies to prop up stock prices that the rich own. Its a system of theft that if the people understood would riot against. Bitcoin is the only way to make the rules of the game fair so people who work hard get what they deserve.

  4. This entrepreneur side of nipsey is wat made me respect him way more coz he understood that before being a gangster comes the hustler and this wat every black mn should aspire to be like

  5. Sorry Nip, Follow Coin another shit coin. ICO's were a good way to rip people off. Pumps and dumps. RIP 🙏

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