1. Make Dennis Rodman ambassador to N Korea, and lodge an official complaint., with Kim Jon In a supreme ultimate omnipotent leader of N Korea, Mr. Rothechilde takes a dim of other people,e printing his money.

  2. The US wants more money in circulation to stmulate the economy. Nort Korea is just helping them with printing more. Likely doing it cheaper too LoL maybe just contract it out to the North Koreans LoL everthingbelse is made in asia sweat shops. LoL Seriously most currency is just electronic digitis and its borrowed from the International Banker Cortell. ( should be labelled illegal too LOL ) So what kind of drugs are you using? Just caeffine? No other "legal pharmastical drugs? Most of us are all on "drugs" and using some sort of "illegal currency" (gov just like to refer it as "legal tender"

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