1. Announcements > Trading Enabled For Ultra (UOS) July 17.2019 Ultra (UOS) is now available to trade on Bitfinex against BTC and USD. In celebration of Ultra’s successful token sale on Tokinex, all traders benefit from 0% maker fees on UOS trades until October 17th – three months following today’s listing. Start trading UOS here. To learn more about Ultra and the UOS token, please visit the Ultra Tokinex page. Stay up to date with Bitfinex on Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram.

  2. Crypto Advisors, there are many. Sample much, choose wisely, follow more than 1. Charting is ESSENTIAL but it guarantee. Only a fucktard would think they could manage wealth glancing at the price of something they have very little understanding of on a shitty cellphone every day like an idiot. Subscribe to a free charting website, follow the advisors charting, compare yours & learn. Soak in what you can, let slide what you can't, you'll pick it up later. Learning about all those lines, indicators & everything else is easier than you think. My math skills? 1980's high school ITA, (Introduction To Algebra).
    I'm a real asshole and if I can do it… give yourself some credit & go learn something new.

  3. WAKE UP 1.ST YEAR BTC MEMBERS. 1st Year: Watch, don't play, if you do play careful but mostly watch the rest of us make mistakes before sinking your $$$ in. There is no certainty, only probability. It is cyclical. All markets are overlapping muticyclical meaning that nothing is likely to ever be a simple annual cycle.

  4. BTC hit just below 9500 like I thought & now I feel we will not see that price again. Next stop is 16-18k then down around 13k then past ATH. I feel it but don't trust it ha ha

  5. Does anybody else treat his idols like that: I hope Vitalik doesn't squash me when he takes over the world which could very well happen with some guidance! (Always meaning well) Enjoy:

  6. Vitalik as an old man is adorable! I can almost see him sharing wisdom on how ETH and B-Cash came together to do magical things that could never happen with Bitcoin. Anyway. B_O_R_I_N_G!!! Grandpa, do the chicken dance again! The chicken dance! The chicken dance!

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