1. Check out Apollo currency, it has utility, working mainnet with 2 sec transaction speed, has SHARDING, updater, even signed a MOU with country Lesotho and new website online Apollo is releasing its own CEX this month( they even have their own DEX), on top of that it has CTO from Huawei on their team, an alias system, marketplace, even physical locations that accept APL and much much more. Apollo is already listed on Hitbtc, Latoken, Bitmart, Digifinex and some smaller ones. Check it if you have time aplfintech.com

  2. Talking of alt coins reminder of news that
    ‘Litecoin Foundation Partners With Cred to Let Holders Earn Interest’

    Articles overleaf 🧜🏽‍♀️

  3. Great show Miss Liz. Thanks for sharing. Does the channel have an email that can be shared in the links for suggestions and or business proposals? It is difficult to communicate these types of matters in the comment section. Wishing you continued growth and much success.

  4. Love the altcoin focused episode! Gamers will be the first group that brings crypto mainstream with true digital ownership of their gaming assets. Because of this Enjin is my top long term alt pick!

    Does crypto gaming interest you?

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