Pi Cryptocurrency | Update August 2020 #MinePi #Pi PiPi Cryptocurrency – Update August 2020

Pi Network — time for an update! Is this thing legit or a scam? After 2 months using Pi basically non-stop, Wes tells you what he thinks! Want to see Wes’ original …


  1. Thing I’m having problem with this Pi crypto. Is that you can still farm even when your in airplane mode. In which doesn’t make sense. It seems to have a ticker inside the software. Meaning “if timer has reach 24 hour send ping to server.” This is the same for other user under you. So how is it mining then ??

  2. 24/7 Active 👇👇👇
    Pi Network (24/7 Active) : aabhi11
    Reflex Cloud Mining (code) : j841y
    Bee Network invitation code : foryou
    Timestope invitation code : amansn

    And thanks for the content bro 😁🙏🏻

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