1. woody's take on louis ck still makes me mad, hes so wrong, he just wanted to jack it in front of hot women, so he asked any hot woman willing to be alone with him, then if they said no, he'd say ok and move on from the subject

  2. Thank baby Jesus ya'll were straight up about cyborg. Whether or not she is a man or not is not the issue. Its the fact she took steroids and it changed her body. Not just muscles, look at her bone structure. Here is some crazy shit, there are Men pretending to be a women and look better than her.

  3. For the flat earth guy, if you have a fairly large field of view, you should begin to see the Earth's curvature at about 35,000ft. I also remember reading that a specific airline flew their aircraft at 60-70,000+ feet for the sole purpose of giving customers the ability to view Earth's curvature. And from what I've read, this flat Earth guy couldn't launch his rocket due it being done on public property and ran into some "legal" issues.

  4. Chiz really needs to be able to just chime in and go live with audio when needed. He doesn't need to go live with video but that wouldn't be the worst thing ever. At least talk from the beyond

  5. Love Harley as a guest, the last episode he was a lil too PC but he came back to fix whatever bad taste he left in peoples mouths lol

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