Poloniex for beginners – The Basics | BITCOIN SIMPLIFIED #9

Trading is highly risky, please learn about it before you begin. this is a short run-through the interface of poloniex and its main features. There are plenty of …


  1. For beginner I would recommend you to skip Poloniex, save your money and your mind. As with lost money you just can't stand calm.

  2. I do not advise trading on this platform. Both beginners and experienced traders. This company cheats with the freezing of accounts of their customers!

  3. Tell the beginners some really useful tips like "how to get the customer support faster if your funds are frozen" or "how to not get crazy while waiting withdrawals which are always delayed"

  4. beginners in crypto trading should definitely avoid poloniex. it is very bad place where your account can be just blocked for no reason and kept banned for weeks…

  5. I don't advise anyone to use this exchange. It is very old and slow, if you want to strain your nerves and wait a few weeks until your funds are withdrawn, this is your choice.

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