Pomp Podcast #254: Matt D'Souza on the Bitcoin Halving, Miner Sell Pressure, and Why it's Important

This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and guest, Matt D’Souza, the CEO of Blockware Solutions. In this conversation …


  1. damn i saw this video and all the comments comparing thumbnail and his acutal look an didnt knew he was suffering from leukemia. Now all the joke commenters have to feel bad for it tho

  2. I know this is the YouTube comments section so is really the lower rungs of humanity, but the people commenting about his appearance has really pissed me off. The guy is clearly ill in this video from March and died this week in August. Despite being clearly ill he is still an articulate and brilliant young man. RIP Matt D'Souza

  3. I follow Pomp, but this is the first interview I've seen. At one point I thought Pomps connection went down because I only kept hearing the guest speak for a long time.

    And I come to realize that its Pomp actually letting the guest give their response and not cutting him off mid-way.

    One of the differences highly noticeable from main stream media, their time is so limited that viewers can hardly grasp the full details of what the guest needs to explain.its always rushed.

    Watching this is very refreshing Pomp.

    Thank you :0)

  4. Matt D'Souza, is on a next level. Really childish behaviour how some people in here are disrespecting the man's appearance and not paying attention to what he's sharing for free !
    Cheers Pomp.

  5. Pomp drinking out of the blender! Thinking, how to create milkshake theory for bitcoin? How to suck all those damn dollars into bitcoin? 🙂

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