Predicting Crypto-Currency Price Using RNN lSTM & GRU

In this video, I present my CSC 578 Final Project. I evaluate the ability of my two models to predict if the price of Crypto will increase or decrease relative to the …


  1. The problem with these sort of codes is that you are predicting the past. It just follows the line of the past and can't make predictions for the future. So if you want to loose money, go a head and use this technique.

  2. Hello everyone – Thank you for your comments! Unfortunately, due to some legal paperwork I signed, I am unable to share the repository for this project. I am happy to answer any questions about what tools I used here.

  3. Hi Ken

    I've been researching about this. Would be really helpful if you could share the code and softwares used. I hope they are open source. Thanks again for the great content.

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