Price Waterhouse Cooper BOMBSHELL Report on Crypto Hedge Funds Reveals MASSIVE GROWTH + Theta NASA

BREAKING: In a NEW REPORT from MASSIVE corporation PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) uncovers the massive growth and gains from Cryptocurrency and …


  1. Only problem is that PWC are criminals, fraudsters and one of the biggest money laundering, rubber stamping, government manipulating low life accounting firms on the planet.

  2. I think Goldman Sachs just wants to deter their investors from bitcoin so they can still profit. I mean when Tyler Winklevoss said " we dont want the clients to buy Bitcoin and realize they dont need us" says it all.

  3. solid analysis, thank you. I have an interesting situation in that I've recently become liquid to the tune of 100k USD. I was thinking about trying to select good crypto and I can't do the research. I'm just too stupid to understand all the financial lingo. I'm a chemist, we have solutions but I do not get this game. So why not drop 5000 into each of the top 20 coins and monitor performance monthly and exchange accordingly? Too silly? Maybe just 1000, heh.

  4. Bitcoin is a currency. Calling it a potato does not make it a potato. It still is a currency. It will always be a currency. They might as well try to claim that the u.s. dollar is a commodity.

  5. Theta sounds like Napster peer-2-peer file sharing from 1999. It makes your internet run slow, not just because its using up your bandwidth, but also because your ISP detects P2P and throttles your speed for "fair use".

  6. Bitcoin is decentralised, zero inflation, trade with anyone anywhere in the world any time, and the most powerful computer on the planet indepedently auditing the ledger every 10mins. It's value is the price of honest money!

  7. Nefarious manipulators who killed the organic growth of crypto whom may have never come had “the lambo dreamers” kept their mouths shut. We’d be just as good now either way, without the drama, because that’s how markets operate in organic growth cycles.

  8. you can but Theta token and Tfuel on Hotbit. No KYC. you can withdraw theta token but not tfuel. I have used this exchange and have used it for theta and am happy with them

  9. Ok I'm going to just say it. Might sound like a stupid question…. If the whole purpose of theta token is to increase or borrow bandwidth that is idle, what happens when 5g networks fully roll out?? They will double the bandwidth compared to 4g. So what would be theincentive to use the token if you already have more bandwidth due to the 5g upgrade??? I know there are more use cases for the token, but that one would become obsolete with 5g.

  10. BITCOIN IS NO MORE AN ASSET then Goldman Sachs is a legitmate bank that has 'ample' DEPOSITOR [Yes YOU ARE ON THE HOOK FOR THEIR GAMBLES-ITS THE LAW!] reserves to back up its huge bets on derivatives…NOT!

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