Process – Discipline – Strategy. Keys to Bitcoin HODL success.

They keys to this 4-Year Journey will be your ability to remain disciplined, to follow a plan, and execute on the strategy and process. Follow the action on the …


  1. View this as a get rich scheme or a certainty, and I'd say you're much more likely to end up making little out of this 4 -year cycle. Even knowing what you think you know, executing will take serious discipline.

  2. Do u only invest in btc? Do u believe There al also good alts . Will be There an altseason, because a lot of people are waiting for iT. But Im not believing ik altseasons more..

  3. Bob!!! I’ve watched all these other clowns and we’re needing an update from the master! I think I speak for most of us when saying, we’re waiting with bated breath sir 😋

  4. I hope we have lower high this time and will go down to new lows till fundamentals and world would ask for btc to exist in everyone’s life . 😊

  5. Yes, this 4 year journey will most likely provide life changing profit, but one thing most people fail to keep in mind is that the fiat currency system will eventually collapse. No fiat currency in history has survived, and the dollar is no different.. I'm sure even  Bob Loukas  will agree with that. The question is, when will the hyperinflation happen? World central banks are continuing to inflate, and they will not stop until the currency is confetti. That's why I'm here, and that's why you are here – to hold something that will have real value against a failing currency. That's the true reason not te sell your Bitcoin or Litecoin for dollars. In 2013, Venezuela was regarded as a nice place to visit, and economically sound, and 5 years later they were eating zoo animals. Look into history. Do not tell me it can't happen. The question, again is when. HODL on.

  6. Could you speak about how to invest a retirement account in bitcoin? I
    do not have enough hard cash, but I have $ in a retirement account
    (457b) that I'd like to use for bitcoin but retirement accounts have
    their own limitations on how you can use that money.

  7. Could you speak about how to invest a retirement account in bitcoin? I
    do not have enough hard cash, but I have $ in a retirement account
    (457b) that I'd like to use for bitcoin but retirement accounts have
    their own limitations on how you can use that money.

  8. 18:30 Jesus christ this is me right now, waiting for a better entry price (6500$). Should I start to dollar cost averaging myself into my planned 2 BTC allocation in 3 or 4 steps, starting now at 7800$?

  9. So interesting your statement about the bias of bears to the downside and that they want to force their views and opinions on the market. BTC maximalists express their views on alts in the same way. Even with Ethereum and ETH which really should not even be considered an alt, it seems not only is there bias but also fear, frustration and resentment when seeing the pattern that has happened with BTC dominance. What is the possibility we will see btc dominance become quite low again? Look at the chart pattern and it becomes very clear. One should not ingnore ETHBTC. Imagine putting all your crypto in one single basket and not hedging with a few solid hedges?

  10. Love your approach Loukas! 2 Strategies, one for Alts and trading, another for hodling BTC. 6 figures even with 1 or 2 BTC can do a lot of good. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  11. Hey Bob, would you also recommend to take profit at 16k if you got in later? At 7600 to be more specific.

    Thanks for your great content!

  12. Hey Bob,
    Was looking forward for a new video from you but to be honest i didn't expect it that early. I guess with everything that happened lately in the pace, you probably felt that you needed to make one. Anyway still welcoming that in a positive way. More videos from you help us to remember the goal and the 4 years journey and not to get excited when we see price flying by getting our emotions in control and use the good strategy you gently delivering to us. If there is a six figures at the end of this 4 years journey or a little bit before, it still better to accumulate now cause the price now will look maybe tiny in 2 years. I still accumulate when i can step by step. I will still buy if i have the opportunity even now (No matter if it's higher). Better in than out and have some regrets. From your last video 'Bitcoin 4 Year Journey – The Right HODL Allocation' i was at 0.06 in april and now i almost double my amount of btc to 0.14. And i will as much as i can. Im not planing to be a millionaire, or dreaming about being rich and all that stupid things you see on youtube that get people to get crazy. Im realistic and if i get to have 1 btc that will be already something and i will be happy with it. That's my goal and it's enough for me. Greed it's not a good thing and can make you loose everything or not ear anything. People should think about that. Anyway thanks for that new video and advice. And looking forward for the next video. Cheers from Paris.

  13. Many Thanks Bob, i have been watching you since your first vedio. You are a wise man and i will be following excactly your strategy. Greetings from Dubai

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