1. Hi Chris – I have been watching your videos and really appreciating the knowledge and tips you have been sharing about Bitcoin and the general Crypto Currency market. I was recently offered a referral cod to get involved with a bitcoin investment opportunity that seems to be promising quite a bit of return on investment and I was wondering if you heard of it and if you think it is a scam. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJcGg5OuZ3A&feature=youtu.be

  2. Hey Chris! I love your videos, I was wondering about the best way to contact you if I have specific questions about cryptocurrency investment?

  3. Thanks, Chris. That's a new scam we all need to watch out for. Also great on the advice of staying away from "guaranteed investments" especially in BTC… Nobody can guarantee squat in this life.

  4. If you ever find someone pretending to be you, ask a few people to report it on Facebook and you'll have their account taken down in no time. Pretty scary stuff man, I've also had this happen to me before, but fortunately nobody fell for the trick because the scammer's English was not up to par.

  5. I'm having trouble with leaving my altcoins on bittrex. Can anyone help me with wallets? I need help with XRP and PAY, I also have Stratis but the transfer rates are incredibly high… Will I be screwed if I just leave what I have on bittrex tonight? please help… I'm already poor enough

  6. there are many people who are millionaires.
    but there are many people who has nothing like me.I am belong to a poor country and poor family and I am also a student.so I don't have any money to invest in crypto currency.so I need help for you guy how has tons of money 17jrzzhfyCgGfmysuqA1tbXQobLZp49aiuplease feel free to donate to this poor and help me to start earning and maintain my family

  7. Hey Chris what are your thoughts on Bitconnect lending? I see lots of hype surrounding it…..also can you put me in contact with any mentors for trading crypto/forex? keep up the great vids!

  8. Thanks Chris … MLM had a lot action earlier in the year ( Gladiacoin , Onecoin , Jetcoin , etc. ) Good software that does actually look for real when they payout for a month or two and then it starts to implode with fee's and lockouts. If some one stole my identity right now they'd probably come back and shoot me. Patiently waiting for post fork bulls 😉

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