1. You are awesome. I learn so much from just this video. Things are starting to make sense on how professional traders trade. I think it will be more profitable for me to invest in myself by learning the real skill of chart reading then to screw around with no method other then experience with losing money in every exchange for the last four years. I have been in a few discord channels and trading groups. You by far are the most accurate and safe. There is no better place to learn then from you and your channel. I need to take advantage of this opportunity starting with signing up for the next tier. You rock!

  2. I was on the Discord looking at that TNT trade alert thinking where the hell did he find this random coin lol. I believe its like #266 coin listed on coinmarketcap. 10 minutes later it breaks out and I'm still wondering where it came from. Looks like ill be using the Crypto Screener from now on. Great info, great vid!

  3. As always, thanks for the video. I understand you promote your channel with highlighting some profitable trades from time to time. However, it would be equally helpful to myself and perhaps others if you include some more examples of where you got stopped out of the trade and why. Protecting is equally important as growing your stack.

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