Raiden ICO, Bitcoin Anonymous Transactions And JPMorgan Bitcoin Fraud – 084

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  1. Its so sad that so many lower income people follow the lead of the greedy rich misers who ruin this world putting them up on a pedestal as though they are gods not being able to see right through them. Great video.

  2. Bitcoin is a one of the benevolent developments going on.
    Bitcoin turns the common people positions and the present power positions around. That is the only reason why big corp, gov and (central) banks are accusing the people they should serve..

  3. We just have to do what we can do to have a positive effect. We should stop whining about this. We can't expect big carnivores to act like elephants. I used my credit cards to buy the dip.

  4. The time is rapidly approaching where Bitcoin supporters will have to just "Go Long" and say fuck the price. I'm trading in my fiat regardless of what these bastards say. It will be very challenging psychologically but the fiat correction is quickly approaching and it will be global this time. This combined with a housing correction currently underway in several countries will be very bad for fiat holders. Either you believe in the crypto tech and it's ultimate purpose (FREEDOM) or you do not. Honey Badger Bitcoin don't care!

  5. Dimon's signals are not mixed. He has control via crappy fiat currency (digital or not) and absolutely refuses to cede ANY power to another system that the banksters don't control. That is the battle. Not to be melodramatic but this is a battle for man's ultimate freedom …

  6. This is their MO they do this shit with the stock market and have been for decades. DO NOT SELL BASED ON WHAT THESE FUCKHEADS SAY. This is just confirmation we are in the right space!

  7. The FUD from China hasn't really settled because now there are rumours that China gov has disallowed Bitcoin mining as well. So Chinese gov has effectively disallowed anything to do with cryptocurrency (I'm not using the word ban since no country can ban Bitcoin, that just sounds silly). This has come as no surprise, China's credit ratings has recently been downgraded over fear of rising debt. So they are doing everything they can to disallow money leaving the country. However, Chinese investors with big money aren't that stupid, they'll always find other ways to get their money into cryptocurrency (perhaps thru HK or Singapore?). So it's business as usual once this FUD dies down. China is bigger news than what comes out of Dimon's smelly mouth since that's where most of the money comes from for Bitcoin over the years, though this is slowly taken over by S Korea and Japan. This is not a crash but an opportunity to buy on the big dips.

  8. Just hang in there people, the rich can't stand seeing the little guy get ahead and the more of us who got in early we will be propped up by the rich as they are drawn into crypto. They know it's a huge threat so they will do everything in their power to stop the flow of money from them to us but in the end they will lose because we greatly out number them..

  9. These rich people are always greedy, they want to become richer without caring about poor becoming poorer. I would do anything but selling my coins to these people at low – Hell No!

  10. Call me crazy, but I'd think if major govt's like US don't have insight into transactions, that would be the reason for possible shutdown. Anonymity could for example, allow elections to be funded from other countries (which is illegal). So couldn't anonymity would be the potential thing to bring down crypto and allow for govt cryptocurrencies? (A quick thought)

  11. I’m into Crypto for the long term but it does worry me that an industry that everyone keeps praising is so easily affected by outside individuals. Almost seems if the right people spoke up against Crypto the entire Crypto industry could just collapse and never come back.

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