Ray Dalio on the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

Apr.15 — Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of investment management firm Bridgewater Associates, talks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on the “Bloomberg …


  1. If anyone stepping into a position faces inherited situation and has to do the best to deal with it, in a market economy why don't we just eliminate that position instead of letting whoever is in that position eliminate the market economy?

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  5. I agree with many of the other comments, you need to let Ray get it out before interrupting him or trying to force him to give you very specific information. He will reveal what he wants to reveal in his own time, if you just let him go.

  6. We have an individual Ray Dalio – one of the few of this century with the wisdom and understanding and perpective that very few people have…. Mr interviewer – let Ray Dalio speek

  7. If you've hijacked the term capitalism to mean redistribution of wealth then the filthy socialists around me might have a point you besmirched the word capitalism for the sheep's short term happiness

  8. Bonds have been improving in Australia have been increasing relative to share prices I am kind of confused with his bond comments. I do agree that in the long term Gold prices will eventually increase BUT so far bond prices have been relatively against shares as was the case in the 2008 crash

  9. China released COVID-19 onto the world. We want the CCP gone, and Hong Kong left alone. Replace with a Democratic Gov, or the World will not do business with China again.

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  11. Give Erik a break. His interviews are always in person and the flow is much different over video. If you have seen his other interviews (all with high profile subjects that rarely do interviews) you would know that he is very effective.

  12. Mr. Dalio does a great job explaining the System within a historical context. Downtown Minneapolis was like a Ghost Town yesterday. Billions of Dollars of Commercial Real Estate producing no Revenue. How will Bonds used to make these Buildings be paid without Revenue? They will not be paid under current operating conditions. Tax Revenue is also crashing. The Dominoes of Balance Sheets toppling is just beginning.

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