Recession 2020: Why You May Buy Bitcoin | The BAKKT Fraud | PlusToken = BTC Sell-Off? | More!

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  1. Stock markets get over priced for sure. One thing to remember is that you are just buying businesses. More long term minded you are in buying companies you do better. I wanna be a long term owner of businesses. I personally buy us indexes and world indexes

  2. Whose to stop a country to spend 50-100 billion dollars to become 51% of the miners to validate themselves as the sole owner of all bitcoins… 💡

  3. Ray Dalio came out and denied the article. but as we all know this people will lie over and over again for the personal gain. we don't know for sure what will happen but one thing is fore sure, Germany and hong kong are already in a recession the first dominoes have fallen

  4. The reason for the REPO markets being injected with MASSIVE QUANTITATIVE easing is because several central banks like Germany and others started to default because of bad investments. If the FED did not rescue the banks the entire ponsie scheme would have started a domino collapse of the world monetary system. The END GAME has actually started. Once the public knows this Crypto will explode in a positive direction.

  5. That’s now how options work. This is a $1.5 billion dollar “insurance” that was paid to protect around $100billion of the $150billion that they have under management which come out to 66% insurance policy until March 2020. To say that this is a 1% is hedge against the market is wrong! Unfortunately everyone on the internets keep focusing on the 1% instead of looking a the big picture.

  6. Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Real estate, and Cash(usd). Thats all you need to know. Save yourself time, money, and advisers fees. Stay out of stocks, bonds, trading, FOMO, and news. Getting rich takes patience, consistency, balls of steel, and not buying shit you dont need

  7. Bakkt, I feel, is going to cash settled contracts because they aren’t getting the interest they wanted/needed with BTC settled contracts.

    Big money investors still don’t want bitcoin, but want to take advantage of the volatility.
    Glad we are early adopters.

    Thanks for the news bro

  8. I watched your channel back in the day when you were promoting the crap out of "ICO's". The last vid I watched was your apology about promoting the scams and how you couldn't do it anymore. We all got scammed or rekt. The few of us who stuck around, learned from our beatings and pushed forward are in the green today. Keep it up "CryptoBouse" you earned yourself a new Sub.

  9. I analyse every serious data on internet about Crypto Currency market. what i understand this space is so smaller than people guess. however Useless Tokens Market cap still unbelievably huge Recession will effect Historical rising trend heavily, I think so many whales and miners worries about that.. taking all their profits before market decide where to go… yea when it comes to their Money nobody give damn about BTC.

  10. Great show but stop watching news to know if btc will go up or down…the market is rigged and they can move it with a click of a mouse…the only reliable indicator to watch is longs vs shorts contracts…you have now 3times more long contracts vs shorts…so they will first squeeze the longs before they let btc go up…simple as that..

  11. I am with the TMI . The whole space is manipulated. Absolutely rediculous. I mean bots and paid YouTubers and subs saying I sold.all my btc and I will buy back at 200 dollars. Bollacks. True markets don't react like this. My advice is to not get scammed by these wankers and I mean wankers. This whole space is totally fucked. Everyone is looking out for themselves and the space is full of deception. Everyone listens to any bullshit and articles that come out and many articles are anon 🤣. Serious most youtubers are a joke and paid to cause this havok.
    Why can't people do own research? Mr Omar if you say something about a topic I research the truth behind it. Otherwise you could be bullshiting. Anyway rant over and yeah bitcoin is not over. Open your eyes people.
    It's simple. Greyscale, fidelity, Ice who own 17 stock exchanges round the world or there abouts, Venezuela remittance, Argentina using btc instead of swift, China main bank showing pretty pics of btc to 1.4 billion people how to buy bitcoin, Australian airports accepting btc, match of the day sponsorship board shows btc, Swiss banks going crypto, whole towns in Australia accepts bitcoin . The list goes on just take a look do research. Do not listen to anyone. Anyway all you beautiful truthful people out there have a wonderful day. 👊✌👍❤🤣 hey Mr CRYPTO you know I trust you still but your one of the few. Don't let me down ✌🤣

  12. Fact: recessions only happen when oil prices go through the roof. Oil prices are extremely low right now. We control oil prices now. Not OPEC. In 2008 oil prices reached $147 a barrel. Now? In the $50’s. Heading towards $40’s. The lower the oil prices the greater the boom!

  13. What a great introductory ad with Ivan on Tech! First one I’ve ever listened to all the way through! Thank you for your content especially Omar.

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