Relational Databases – How to Choose |¦| SQL Tutorial |¦| SQL for Beginners

When learning SQL, you first need a database. In this video, we help you make your choice. There are many free, open-source options: MySQL, PostgreSQL, …


  1. It's official! The Socratica Python Kickstarter was a success! Thank you to all of our supporters. Because of you, many more Python videos coming soon!! 💜🦉

  2. Anyone else having flashbacks to Mass Effect, while watching this?
    Socratica and the synth-background-sound .. it's like listening to Avina.
    I love that! Keep 'em coming 🙂

  3. I love the way she speaks. Its very calm and linguistic. The video is very futuristic and creative. The thoughts are well explained and the delivery is with confidence and mastery. Ohgeez I'm amazed. Keep it up guys. Labya from Philippines. 🙂

  4. MySql does not support any physical join algorithm other than a Nested Loop, nor it supports parallelism, thus for a "Blog site" a MySQL is more than enough.
    For some intense web app that might require to aggregate data to present near real-time dashboards or "Gantt" view – better go with PostgreSQL since it scales better and has much better optimization that MySQL lacks.

  5. Missed chance to say that everyone can use SQLite where it fits. You can use it for development, toy examples, standalone apps and anything of smaller scale. It's a pocket size thing you can bring to any small coding project.

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