1. The reason Bitcoin is a scam is becasue there's a few "shareholders" who own roughly 50% of the Bitcoin supply and manipulate the market as they please to have a never ending stream of profit. Rinse and repeat. Good luck with Bitcoin.

  2. "If you don't believe it or don't get it, I don't have the time to try to convince you, sorry."
    these are the people who will get fucked financially, as of august 2020 the crypto market is up right now and folks are buying bitcoin in the droves because the dollar is on its way out.

    this video has aged very poorly

  3. If Bitcoin is a ponzi I don't want to know what fiat currency is.

    The fact is in this century neither bitcoin or gold are going to kill one another. Rather I would guess people in a decade from now will be trading a Bitcoin/Gold ratio.

    It doesn't really matter how many United states dollars your bitcoin can buy but rather how many ounces of gold it can buy. Right now I would guess Bitcoin is still going to be roaring ahead whilst gold keeps up a steady pace.

  4. "block chain technology is fantastic". I personally find blockchain tech to be extraordinarily overrated. Its taking a centralized database and distributing it across several peers. It moves trust from a single authority (which is usually accountable) to several smaller authorities who can do as they please such as perform 51% (majority) attacks on the network and get away with it. Its a terrible system for day to day use as the customer has nowhere to go if there are problems.
    Speculating in blockchain however is worthwhile provided you can time the entry and exits fairly accurately.

  5. Weak arguments. I've gone from completely disregarding it to being very bullish over the last few years.
    Gimme Munger. I want him to tell me why I'm wrong. I want to see him have a back and forth with someone knowledgable in the space.

  6. Greetings to everyone in the future amusing yourselves watching these Dinosaurs trying their hardest to keep the weak flame of the fiat-dollar and banks alive. Bitcoin is still alive and in my time, worth $9,200 In the year 2020. I bet in your time, as you read this I’m predicting that it’ll be worth $41,000 in 2025, $84,000 in 2031. I say it’ll eventually hit 100k somewhere before 2035 then hit a record low under $20,000 when quantum computers threaten the network. If i’m still alive, and my predictions are correct please try to find me and shake my hand, and offer me a drink.

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