1. Ripple didn't buy XRP. The reference to "where they buy XRP" in Q2 report was about odl. It should have read "where odl buys xrp for banks". Those XRP that are bought are sent to the destination country and sold immediately. Not fudding just being factual. The report was talking about changing where odl buys xrp to increase liquidity for banks

  2. I don't think any court case news, or even the conference in a couple of weeks will affect prices, hovering 22-25c mark. The run up to the elections in a few weeks time will be "Hold on to your a$$" time… I think the price will creep back up to the 28-30c mark by end of Nov start of Dec because of the spark air drop. People will want as many xrp as poss b4 the drop, which could cause a sell off the day after the drop. Uncertain times atm…

  3. Do you think Trump is hiding out for 2 weeks so he can flip the switch and bring XRP online properly? Obviously I mean the synthetic robotoid clone trump a.k.a Blue Tie trump. The real trump (red tie) is probably cool with XRP but i think blue tie illuminati reptoid clone trump might be the one flipping the switch, do you think thats what his recent 'isolation' is all about? Sometimes when he wear a striped tie i cant tell if its the clone or the real one. See you soon at bora bora mate

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