Ripple/XRP- iLP,Keyless Biometrics,EUR-ODL,RippleNet Cloud Solution Speeds Up Adoption

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  1. California Supreme Court ruled earlier in May of 2020 that Crypto/Digital Assets can not be a Security, so that ruling would throw out the first half of this case. Pretty much the whole case will be tossed and Ripple will win.

  2. dark time my foot, this is big stuff,, can,t wait tell everyone I TOLD YA SOOOOOOO,,, people wont listen to me, so i just keep watching people like you Brad,, good stuff bro

  3. My opinion 30 days to 60 days price raise at lease over 0.20 to make it short it’s a training period as they train the financial companies that see the greatness in this xrp! If you really evaluate everyday life go and ask your spouse or any family member can they learn a software program in 1 day. The answer would be no unless your some f….. genius my grandmother can barely work this high end technology hell barely even understand what crypto is so genuinely speaking as a xrp when telling someone about all the goods of xrp if they never heard of it but there really interested they still wouldn’t understand the whole fundamentals of crypto and networking so 30 to 60 once it’s installed in the heads of the high will see the moon @cloverSt

  4. Hey Brad, I was trying to DM but can't seem to find a DM address.. I have been having the same issue as you when trying to send tips via TipBot.. I get the Red screen with the the cross on it.. did you manage to get to the bottom of this and is it an easy fix.. FYI I have linked Tipbot with Uphold.. Any idea?

  5. r u a boomer, cuz that's how boomers deal with passwords .. lol
    half ur brainpower bro
    that's not gud
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    gave u a like tho

  6. Why aren´t we seeing major gains in price with all these partnerships and real world use-cases all around the globe?? Is it the regulations they are waiting for before we see the 100-1000 dollar rise in price?? Looks like they are suppressing the price manually and manipulating the market. Otherwise the price would be a lot higher with just speculation right now!

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