1. I've been studying the crypto asset "Bitcoins" and it seems to be an easy means of earning money online provided you have a good knowledge of the Bitcoin market, am new to this, can someone please direct me on how I can begin making money on Bitcoins?

  2. heyyyyyyyyy guyssssss….sounds like u mad pay pal didnt take the shit coin…the reason for that is all the xrp is in mexico crossing the border …..heyyyyyy guyssssss

  3. "I'm not prepared to talk publicly about our conversations around the world yet."

    Yes, because its literally a switch to be flipped, and you cant have retail come in and buy up all the XRP before its extremely valuable!!

  4. I think this is just the first step for PayPal. The majority of their users have never experienced crypto. They don't have the first clue about private keys and wallet addresses. They are used to banks. PayPal is introducing them to the crypto world, and allowing them to become interested in digging deeper. They will offer more choice and self-custody later on, no doubt.

  5. Once all the cryptomachinery gets synched and "hits the ground running", IMO XRP will see a very nice target price in its future. How high? It will rival/surpass Amazon in percentage profit. Have stated many times before, XRP is being kept on the down low because they don't want more of the general public to have it, but that's just me, I have no proof.

  6. Paypal and no XRP….it's a decoy; a deception. The Big Banks and paypal are playing games to stop the adoption of cryptocurrency. Their monopoly and its obscene profits are at stake.

  7. If BTC really is all about taking the power back from banks and the government then ask yourself why is the media plastering it all over everything and and shoving it in your face. Isnt the media run by billionaires and governments????? Why do they all want you to buy BTC?????

  8. European countries will share the digital euro so your point about regions is absolutely 💯
    Absolutely agree with your thought on xrp not being on PayPal 👌

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