Ripple/XRP News: Banks Can Legally Invest Into Crypto

Ripple/XRP News: Banks Can Legally Invest Into Crypto XRP Future Millionaire Store: Store your Digital Assets Safely LEDGER …


  1. I agree on XRP 100% but I think you're mistaken about Bitcoin my friend. I know Bitcoin slower and higher fees blah blah, like there are many important things that Bitcoin has over any Crypto
    As time goes by miners will be cut down meaning less Bitcoins and more demand
    Only about $16 Million causes the other $4 or $5 Million are lost and Ppl that died. When you ask anyone about Crypto they say Bitcoin cause it's more adopted than any Crypto. Bitcoin has over 65% dominance in the Coinmarketcap. Bitcoin could hit $1 Million in 10 years or less.
    Don't get me wrong I love XRP but I'll use it to buy Bitcoin, like 50% of my XRP. Long story short anything that has to do with Government and Central Banks becareful.
    Govern "Control" Ment "Mind" in Latin meaning Mind Control and they will make rules and new policies that might benefit themselves and not us the general public. You ask how can that be?
    Well they could ban any Exchange from trading XRP at anytime they wish. That's why I tell you becareful I'm 54 years old and have seen Governments in many different countries do whatever they want. You can see it in Argentina Chile and Venezuela and many more in the past. KYC will screw us at the end if you hold for longterm. Bitcoin and Monero are less likely to be tracked
    Once XRP hits $100 or more, what do you think it's going to happen with Exchanges? We only have little control of our XRP and if you keep it in ledger Nano it's great but you'll need to exchange it someday 🤑👍💯

  2. Good, hopefully banks, wallstreet and mutual funds go balls deep into XRP come January 1st. Ripple putting the kabosh on OTC sales will force them to buy retail.

  3. I would make the assumption that banks would start buying and holding or as you mentioned the average joe will go to a broker wanting to invest. Hence price jump?? IDK, I’m new to this

  4. i hear so many people say that xrp is a scam & it will die.
    but i have not seeing not 1 person say why.
    i dont understand. its like people just like to hate on xrp without a reason.
    am i missing something?

    (sry 4 my kinda bad english)

  5. Kevin, I am trying to send a private message to you from twitter. How do I do that if you don't follow me. Sorry for my ignorance on it, just brand new.

  6. It looks like we are on the first step of regulation within the crypto sphere. This is what the crypto investors (not speculators) have been screaming out for. Regulation allows banks and other financial institutions to adopt crypto. Once this happens, then the mainstream media will start talking about crypto in rational and informed terms rather than from a standpoint of ignorance that is based upon the fear that all crypto is used for criminal activity.

    At this point, adoption will start to hit critical mass both in terms of institutional and retail uptake and then crypto will start to skyrocket as the ordinary person in the street rushes to get a piece of the crypto pie as FOMO kicks in.

  7. Hello Kevin, I always look forward to your videos..lots of value!! Thank you!!👍🙏 Note: I'm not a fan of BTC, but have you seen that "Bitcoin Flow to Model" Chart..its been within 5 % of it price since inception..very interest!!

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