Sapphire 5700XT's mining Ethereum cryptocurrency on NiceHash, update! 12-9-20

This is just a quick update on my 5 Sapphire 5700XT’s mining Ethereum cryptocurrency on NiceHash. Enjoy! 😉


  1. Hey everyone, small update. I have not yet tried using an HDMI dummy plug while the system is mining and the monitor is turned off. I did more research and I guess not having a HDMI dummy plug installed while mining on an AMD rig can destabilize it due to the system not detecting a monitor attached to integrated graphics so it will try and use a graphics card as a primary display when trying to access it through Google Remote Desktop or any other remote viewing program. I will go ahead and order a HDMI dummy plug and let you all know what happens…

  2. it's not the cards, what model risers do you have? what driver are you using? what psu model and config? explanation: blue risers are terrible, get either white and red or the newer black ones, for me the 19.12.1 driver has proved to be the most stable one even if it's more than a year old, i have 2 phanteks 1000W psu's on a rig and you would think they are overkill but they will run for ages with 7 cards and really quiet or will run loud as hell and constantly crash with 8. Also power the card and riser from the same psu, do not mix them up as that will give you a very bad day and power the ssd from a different sata that u have no risers on as that will have your rig crashing non stop as well.

  3. no need to pay extra money for mining software. Just download phoenix miner and chrome remote desktop so you can access your rig from everywhere. If you need I have a rock solid overclock and undervolt commands for phoneix miner

  4. Why do you have 32gb of ram and a 1tb ssd and a 7700k. Thats insane overkill. Not to speak of the other rig with a 9900k. Your rig would work just as well with a 50$ cpu

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