Saskatchewan NDP candidate: “The tar sands are a f—ing nightmare”

The prairie NDP is just as urbanite and anti-oil as their Toronto and Vancouver counterparts who have long forgotten their blue-collar roots. FULL REPORT from …


  1. Wow, I thought this was a positive video, like woo-hoo look at the Sask NDP caring about the environment! So many contradictions in this video- were the past NDP governements in Saskatchewan bad or was Romanow's climate denying NDP good? I don't actually expect a clear answer. You can't have jobs on the environments backs, while not developing/transitioning out of it. What is the plan to move forward? There would be millions of jobs with a transition to cleaner power sources.

  2. May these radical enviromentalists be made to live intheir gas and oiless society, We will give them a place up in the tundra nice and far away , there they can heat their homes with love , walk to all their daily appointments , Its impossible to live in todays world , We need gas and oil and mining to get our economy going , they dont have a clue about, life, Hypocrites and government stooges, And we the people pay for all their failures !

  3. Canada's NDP are a severely dumbed-down , morally impaired and pathetically uninspired version of the Liberals. Like cancer, they seek to poison and destroy from within.

  4. ABOLISH the unnecessary lock down. Let's get back to work and be brave for our kids who by the way are NOT at risk of getting sick from this flu! Yes protect the vulnerable while living our lives. (Trump 2020 + PPC – Maxime Bernier as PM)

  5. It should come as no surprise but I feel it really needs to be said…NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT!

    By which I mean if you told someone to choose between their lifestyle or the environment no one would ever choose the environment. Politicians use the environment like they use women, children, social standings, races, religion, etc.

    The in reason they bring these topics up is so that you'll vote for them but they have no interest in making changes. And if they do make changes it's because they have ulterior motives.

    I am a firm believer that any politician that wants to close the oil sand and destroy oil and gas business does so just so that they can buy it up at a cheaper price.

  6. I fear that that’s the point it’s not about climate care it’s about putting the rest of the population out of work so they can be dependent on the government so they can control us better like you want your food stamps ur welly check? Well then.. line up for ur vaccines?? Ahhh!!

  7. imagine: we allow a high school drop out to be your surgeon.
    we would allow a spedo to watch your children.

    apply this to modern day politicians……..who have no clue on anything but playing a skin flute.
    fake eyebrowed sock wonder boy included.

  8. and of COURSE it's a lawyer! That candidate is what happens when they know running for the greens won't get them anywhere so they go for the next most realistic option for their radical left wing ways.

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