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  2. Bro I am from India just was searching scalping tips and found your video it's really great way of explanation.
    It's really gud to see youtubers like you are there for teaching it so well

  3. This is why i love watching this guy, straight to the point, no messing around bish bash bosch! Doesn’t cherry pick charts and is very realistic aswell as conservative in his approach which is great for psychology.

  4. that's what i like about technicals, everybody is interpreting indicators oppositely different

    i watched barry burns from top dog trading video about bollinger bands and he says : ''what traders do wrong is going opposite when prices touch the bollinger band. you should short when prices touch lower bb and long when touch upper

    also what i see in 99% of trading videos on charts is what is called a self fulfilling prophecy bias you look at a chart and try to interpret the indicators so it will correctly indicate what will happens on the chart , because you see all the future right there.

    your mind, as guru teaching things to watchers on you tube, sticks automatically to what is correct according to what future goes. you dont want to be wrong, especially in the youtube video

    the little problem comes at the right edge of the chart. there is really hurting, what happens dont correspond with the indicators, so an obvious question appears : why when i looked on the historic chart all worked an now when i try to predict they stopped working

    amazes me

  5. I like the look of this, will have try it. One thing I've added is a 50 SMA, it is possible to switch to a trending strategy to take a breather! It may be an idea to add an ATR as a filter, perhaps with a 5-period setting and don't scalp if its below a certain value (e.g. 3). Not so important if a trend gets going, it looks as though the ATR will reduce for those

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