Scammer 2.0 – Wolfgang Beltracchi: The German forger

Wolfgang Beltracchi is a German art forger and artist who has admitted to forging hundreds of paintings in an international art scam netting millions of euros.


  1. i agree to some observers that this guy has a talent of his own because he can even do a clone of works of other great artists . no one could near perfect a handpainted copy except this guy beltracchi. in a way i can call him a genius. and yeah he hurt no one anyway.

  2. There is a german series on Beltracci, in which he paints celebs in certain artists styles. screw these "experts" who now shit on him. he fooled all of them being so full of themselves. if you listen to the guy you realize quickly it's just a joke to him. he used his talent to have a nice life and thats it. the only tjing really important to him is his wife, extraordinary strong relationship

  3. He is a great artist! Con artist that is! But a great painter. Credit is due! Now who is the Con!? The painter or the experts that claim it’s expert?! The fraud should have destroyed the credibility of the expert inspectors.Yeah it’s not their fault they got fooled.But when a identity thief takes your images an then credit you still stuck with some of that debts. Forced to rebuild their financial credentials. Same should apply. Useless rant.

  4. The strange thing is, Wolf could now paint his own paintings and make around 12 000 euros per painting…….that is a monstrous amount of money still compared to the average person, let's say he makes 1 a week and they all sell for an average of 12 000 euros, that's 624 000 euros a year.

  5. The people who bought his paintings stole their money from the state by avoiding to pay taxes. Money of which is used for schools and hospitals and the good of all. Good luck to Wolfgang and I'm sure he has no problem sleeping at night.

  6. The experts are mad at the forger because he exposed that the experts are fake. The buyers are greedy and now they are unhappy because something they bought is not worth that much money.

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  9. The art market proves that the rich are stupid lazy bums who live off the labor of working people. The right protects art forgers as they protect all rich crooks.

  10. I'd rather be lazy than involved in this mess of a shitty movie – im sure the person who made and paid for it is very non-lazy but have no integrity and no sense of quality,, they are like viruses.

  11. Just love it when a guy like this can make the so-called experts look so stupid. These stuck up experts need to be taught lessons like this. It’s so similar in the wine world too. I take my hat off to Beltracchi. There must be a lot of very worried people out there…..

  12. 1st … the ability to copy an art so perfectly it fooled so many experts is a talent not to be ignored. Of course if you have the talent to create your own art that is way better, but it is still a great talent none the less.
    2nd … who wants to go rob a bank in Germany after watching this video? lol … If you succeed you are rich, if you fail you get free meals and free lodging. You won't get a sweeter deal than that.

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