1. Thank you for posting this info. We did ok w our involvement in Morris' and Whalen's Indy ruse, but we looked at each property prior to buying. Though they did not complete agreed to rehabs on our homes, we mitigated some losses because our homes were habitable without as much work as some of those who didn't visit in person. Also have two friends who bought a full new construction lot/home and have yet to be deeded buildable lots, let alone take possession of a turn-key property. Morris and Whalen are in the scam category, in my opinion. It went from a possible oops moment to an outright money sucking scam machine well before Morris or Whalen publicly took any action at all. And they've done virtually nothing to make people whole.

  2. The problem I have with what you are saying here is that there is a big difference between "screwing up," and deliberately scamming people, yet you seem to be throwing both groups into the same pot.
    Also, coming out and "manning up" and going around and "admitting that you screwed up," has several problems in the real business world.
    First of all, maybe you DIDN'T screw up. Maybe some people were just stupid, didn't take agency for their own decisions, and then are looking for someone to blame their own irresponsibility on (i.e. "HEY, YOU SCAMMED ME!")
    There there is the legal aspect. Just because someone is suing you, doesn't mean they are right. Anyone can sue anyone.
    If some knucklehead tries to sue you because of some advice he may have, or thought he may have, gotten from you, then the WORST thing you can do is "admit you were wrong."

    As any business owner knows (or should know) there's a huge industry of people out there looking to scam anyone in business by claiming that they were scammed, or harmed in someway (e.g. insurance scams, slip and fall scams, etc)
    Funny you didn't mention that.

  3. I was just reading this thread on Bigger Pockets earlier today! What do you know?
    Great conversation on pivoting if you boil it down. I am glad you personally took responsibility after the crypto crash and pivoted into the awesome and substative community it is today! Thanks Jay!

  4. Nice video. I loathe scammers. I totally agree that these people should take responsibility for what happened to their customers instead of acting as victims themselves. What goes around comes around eventually.

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