Scared of Losing Millions in Crypto? Are You Afraid of Losing Your Wealth? Token Metrics AMA

Wealth #Crypto #Millions Are you scared of losing millions in Crypto? Are you afraid of losing your wealth? Sign up for Token Metrics at …


  1. I think it is not about millions to lose but what if you lose what you have that matters most not necessary millions. If someone has invested say $10k and that all the money he/she has then 100% would be scared to lose it.

  2. I don’t think I’ll be scared because unlike you I’m not at all in the public eye and lord knows I won’t boast about it because then I’d be putting my self out there as prey.
    Do you think I’m right about this or not?
    Thanks guys!!!

  3. Can you make a video of how you hacked ? If this can happen to you, then the less tech savvy people have it even worse. Please share what mistakes you might have made that led to the hack ? And what steps can we take to protect ourselves ?

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