SEC Chairman Jay Clayton On Cryptocurrencies And Investing

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton speaks exclusively with CNBC’s Bob Pisani about the state of investing, the future cryptocurrencies, the IPO market and …


  1. Many people are trying to invest $7000 into 1 Bitcoin I say yes do that but don't forget to invest in 7000 BTC2's. Bitcoin 2 is just $1.90ea

  2. This guy is totally a joke, I work in regulatory environment and in public accounting. I don't understand how Trump could nominate this guy. He is no pro business, you get nothing from this guy. He does do nothing and call it regulation ! Is it a security or not? He does not now and just refers to old same rules. It is not his job to decide if investors should invest in crypto or not. He should be objective and establish rules for crypto currencies as a new class and be specific what rules apply. Bitcoin is since ten years on the market, there is no regulation? come on !
    I wish I had his job and get money for doing nothing… and talking to the public "we regulate, we regulate, be afraid of us" but do nothing.

  3. Innovators are not asking you to relax rules we asking you to explain yourself with clear guidelines that issuers need. Get off your high horse because the people who build the innovation in the US you claim your responsible for did it in exempt transactions and exempt securities that need a bright line or wait for the SEC to pull the rug out from under them and claim fraud. Get real you the king of late action to recognize area you don't regulate. Quite Frankly, your financial system just stole 20 trillion dollars from consumers indirectly so wake up people.

  4. Jay answers just like a classic politician. It's an unfortunate time for blockchain tech startups in the USA. They'll definitely fall behind on this compared to other nations, especially those in Asia.

  5. There is an investment apartheid in the US between "accredited investors" who can do whatever they want with their money, no strings attached, and the other 98% of Americans who can only invest into the big corporations who can afford to pay millions of dollars in compliance and lawyer fees to be traded on the public markets. It's a shame and a sham. As if someone having a million dollars suddenly turns you into an investing guru who could not possible lose all or most of their money the same as regular Joe. It is meant to keep the majority of American's stable and poor enough to continue to be exploited for their labor to those who can invest their money in high-reward opportunities….

  6. Notice SEC guy cringes after interviewer says "Ripple." cause he knows he is going to hurt Mary Jo and her friends when they deem XRP a security. Even the CNBC reporter has not made the distinction between Ripple the company, and XRP the token…not a good sign.

  7. Can Jay Clayton say anything besides we've been doing this for a long time and we're not going to change anything like the saying racing the easiest thing to change is a seat belts in other words Jay hit the road

  8. Be sure to watch Glenn Beck and Teeka Tiwari expose the crypto conspiracy it is real and is going on right now. BIG companies driving down the price and buying all they can right now! You should be too. #CryptoCowboy – because it's like the Wild, Wild West out here! 🙂

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