Secret Wall Street Strategy to Take Over Bitcoin Explained – Episode 3 of 4

Wall Street wants to take over Bitcoin one way or another. If they cannot own Bitcoin then they want to control it using their old tricks and schemes. Wall Street …


  1. I am so glad I found this channel. There really should be 100k+ subscribers because this is good content. Thank you so much for providing such high quality material.

  2. Hi Mark, great thoughts, thank you. I just listened to current your Podcast with Alex Mashinsky from Celsius. Following your statements, what Celsius is doing, isn’t actually a good thing because it allows all the things, you are against in this 10 month old video. What are your thoughts on this today?

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    Hope you will make more videos. Finaly another smart guy in youtube talking about bitcoin and money system.

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  4. You are 1000% Genius! And good heavens yes I hope Bitcoin is the threat to Wall Street. I believe the institutions that fail based on debt leveraging bitcoin won't sell the remaining bitcoin in the end and will be more of an acquired asset to other banks buying them out.

  5. What’s your thoughts on the owner of the nyse and now company called bakkts, who as of nov. this year are introducing physically settled futures contracts? These are to be phisically settled in btc. That means bakkt would have to obtain a banking license to be able to hold custody of the btc to pay out futures contracts. My fear is that now that they have a custodial license, there will be nothing stopping them from issuing debt based investments to the public and there fore the rehypothetication of btc. Or am I completely wrong here?

  6. Hi Mark, thanks for the video, and you are talking very good, and the things what a lot of people dont know and dont see, i am jelling sinds a while on twitter, buy and hodl bitcoin because the circulation supply will be a big big problem everybody wants to own bitcoin in the future but there is not enough for everyone, what can you tell about that? Greetings from Amsterdam 🙋🏽‍♂️


  7. Hey Mark, great video as usual. I like the use case of the blockchain to circumvent hypothecation. How do you feel about the futures coming for Ethereum? Do you feel that Wall Street will push down the price of the already weak Ethereum like they did Bitcoin at its relative peak?

  8. Glad to hear you believe Bitcoin will eventually triumph over Wall St – after all the whole purpose of Bitcoin is to put an end to fractional reserve banking and the fraudulent rehypothecation of assets. If Bitcoin was to end up being controlled like gold and silver have been then it really would be the end of it, the criminals would have won. Glad to see you have faith. I listen to no-one who doesn't have faith in Bitcoin.

  9. good job! your other videos are getting some serious views! I've heard the term rehypothecation so much this week. I think you and others are making it mainstream vernacular. 🙂

  10. Can’t believe I actually understand this. Thanks for breaking it down so easily. Looks like I need to just HODL for a really long time and stay away from bank offered crypto investments. Here I was thinking the bank custodial wallets were a good thing. Now I know better. Plze keep this info coming.

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