Segwit2x Aftermath – Scalping Profits, Altcoin Strategies, BTC Moves, Dollar Cost Avg – CMTV Ep82

Segwit2x was called off yesterday and led to a HUGE altcoin boom. Will it last? Or is this just a flash in the pan as Bitcoin gets it’s feet again? Today we’ll go …


  1. Always great Carter. Is there a ‘best day’ to buy in every week? I think I’ve heard that traders like to get out early on Fridays. Does that make any sense or is there any typical cycle?

  2. Please do a show on Excel Crypto Portfolio tracking spread sheet. A very important and necessary tool for everyone to track their many coins profit/ loss . Thank you

  3. Carter, it's not all speculation, the top 10 coins always pump when there's an influx of capital. It's clockwork. There in the top 20 for a reason, volume and solid fundamentals.

  4. When you say "sell" or "take a profit", are you thinking that one ought to convert to fiat? Or do you mean convert to another coin? Not sure what "taking your profits" means when you say it

  5. Man I don't think right now is the best time to be selling out of crypto positions even with these slight bumps up unless you want to give away cheap coins. By January we will be seeing the bull market returning and maybe even much sooner. Altcoins are just on the edge of breaking free from the down trend which can be seen in almost every chart. Some coins will be seeing 10 times gains or more over the next 6 months or less if you can stomach the volatility. There's nothing wrong with selling out your positions during corrections and then reentering as long as your disciplined enough to do it. I realize that your just trying to help people and your just saying to take some profit but when these coins start breaking out you don't want to be left in the dust..

  6. Hey Carter, I had an idea for how we all could grow the crypto marketplace in my most recent video. Its a very simple idea that would help us all create a much much larger support base. Let me know if you agree with my idea.

  7. Yeah, Binance is a great platform. They're definitely stealing a fair share of total market volume from Bittrex. They add coins more quickly and offer pretty good liquidity in general. Solid choice in my opinion.

  8. In ine of the episodes there was told about a website that shows the existing coins, with market caps, current prices, number of coins i circulation today, number of coins in total (in the future) and the what the future total value/market cap theoretically would be if the price was the same as today.. I would be very thankful if someone could link or tell the name of this site.

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