1. Hello Carl! Really want to say big thanx for all what you do ❤️
    Regarding video information, would be interesting to hear about Dubai some more. How did you got there at first? and some info on residency, tax, local rules 😀

  2. Thank you for a very powerful video on the value of cashflow in generating wealth. Please tell us more about where you live (what floor are you on, and how much do those apartments go for in Dubai?) 🙂

  3. Ive only just got into crypto but I love the way its soo volatile. Im only playing around and getting to learn the market and 'rules' with not at all much €. But I still get overjoyed if I gain even 10-20€.
    It's hard to understand it all but i have so much to read and watch, Im greedy for information.

    Your vids are really inspiring. I hope I get 0.010 as succesfull as you some day. Keep it up dude!

  4. My favourite video of yours. Its important to know about cashflow. Its important to reinvest your profits into assets, rather than liabilities. God bless you Carl.

  5. Just skip the “I didn’t get that much views but I got likes” crap please. This kills it at the beginning.
    Otherwise the content is good. What I would like to hear is how long it took you to learn trading. Would be an interesting video not only for me 🙂

  6. Thank you for the information! Bitcoin is good income.

    I switched to passive income from cryptocurrency. Now I am very pleased with the PRIZM cryptocurrency. Paramining is available to everyone. My income is up to 5% per month.

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