So many people ask me how hard it is to sell Bitcoin for USD once you invest…. Its really not that hard to do! Using GDAX or Coinbase you can quickly sell your …


  1. This is a question, no one seems to ever answer. Sample question: If I buy $300 on bitcoin, and current value of one bitcoin is 5,000. How can I make more coins/money if the value for one con is less than my investment?

  2. from GDAX US$FIAT to your bank, are there fees? Can you trasfer those US$ to any bank acount in the world without any fees or just talking about US banks?

  3. Lot of people say they bought a Telsa with Bitcoin is that possible or they just missing around with people. I don't see any where on the website that mention buy with Bitcoin on Telsa website.

  4. Is there a thing about minted bitcoin? I bought hight and bought more when the price dropped.. Are all the coins worth the same according to the market cap or something? I want to keep the coins that I bought low with and sell the ones that I bought hight with but on coinbase when I sent some bitcoin to my mom it only showed a dollar amount value at the time of sending.. Am I overthinking it? I just am happy to see we had a nice little rally last night and hopefully next stop.. The moon.. Here is my bitcoin addy.. All proceeds go to the fedcrushersacadamy
    Pump and dump bitcoin if you please here👆

  5. Could somebody direct me to a video or perhaps a tutorial demonstrating market orders? I’m looking for a click buy/click sell option on GDAX if that’s possible—Haven’t seen a video of anybody doing that yet – thanks

  6. Hi , I new at this stuff< I'm trying to fiqure bitcoin amounts I have 0.02406196 in bitcoin its like $240 how can I know how much bitcoin $100.00 would be ? if I just wanted to sell $100,00 of the 250? were does the sale go to my us wallet?
    Thanks for any info on this you can give me

  7. Hi Patrick thanks for all your great info. Can you tell me if I buy bitcoin on Gdax using all my usd in my coinbase account, then sell the bitcoin for a profit are my usd available to buy more bitcoin immediately or is there a wait time till I can buy more bitcoin?

  8. Just want to know. When you sell for USD and live in another country will it be converted to your currency dollar. Because where I live I would get more if I got to sell in my currency. Really need to know

  9. so I bought a 100.00 bucks worth of bitcoin.. transferred it to gdax and was trying to learn to trade. I did the limit buy, set the amount and then clicked my bitcoin amount on the top which was like 0.031354 or something and I hit the prefill to the amount.. My ? is why does it keep saying insufficient funds, I am prefilling the amount I have so I don't get it. Do I actually have to have USD up top, cuz I don't I just have bitcoin.. I am so confused, help

  10. My man, do you consider buying IOTA, i think it´s technology structure is better than Bitcoin, adding that has no fees in transactions. I heard you said you didn´t like, why not?

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