Sen. Dick Durbin Drops BOMBSHELL News on His OWN Party about SCOTUS Nominee’s Fate

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  1. Drag all the democrats out on the white house steps and execute them they are nothing but criminals. All they have done in the last three years was waist millions of tax payers money trying to get Trump. I have never before seen grown people acting like spoiled little brats that didn't get their way pitching fits in front of the entire nation. It's sad to know there are that many stupid people out there that keep them in office.

  2. Durbin full of BS coming out of his mouth to his ignorant followers. Four years ago was a Republican Senate, just like now. The Senate decides what they want to do, majority rule, and Durbin ain't in it. Suck it up, victim of consequence.

  3. In the meantime they spread the covid to the President and other republicans to try and stop confirmation. Where’s Hillary and Hunter? Not as arrogant as Obama, obviously.

  4. Nothing but crooks. Hay Joe how did it feel to be caught in a ballface lie about your son . Your parents raised you like that or did you pick it up all by yourself ? You pittful.

  5. I just realized how the Dems are NOT allowing cops 👮‍♀️ to breakup the violent riots 🔥 , but the Dems DO expect cops 👮 to breakup church service ⛪️? 👎

  6. It doesn't matter who Trump would appoint the Dems would attempt to block it. It doesn't matter what Trump does, the Dems will not cooperate with the president under any circumstances. So, do we care what the Dems want? Hell no, let them bitch, we owe them nothing, not after the way they treat our president!

  7. This is sickening. It’s all about keeping the “right” to keep killing unborn babies. Those babies don’t even have a humane death. They die in the most horrendous pain.

  8. He just lied big time. It wasn't that mitch McConnell couldn't find time. Pelosi didn't want him in the negotiations. And Pelosi and Schumer are the ones to blame for the country not getting a stimulus package done. They walked out of the talks

  9. So they take soros money and use a contaminated swab and infect everyone who matters trying to save our country from these left fools.

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