Should I Invest In Bitcoin NOW

Should I invest in bitcoin now? Here is how bitcoin could change the world. Blockchain and cryptocurrency money have been around for over a decade now.


  1. You’d have to be retarded to buy Bitcoin at this moment in time. If you look at the bitcoin candlestick graph for 1year, you’ll see that the last green bullish candle is the largest one of the entire year. Everyone is gonna be selling after seeing that thing! There is already a huge red one forming after may 16th. It’s another spike, it’s going down.

  2. Hey bro! great video, there were few slaps along the way, slaps= lessons, I just have 1 question, we replaced Gold with paper so why don't we just replace the papers we have now with crypto, I mean why it is so important for it to be limited? or what if we do this? we replace all the currency with A crypto lets put it as "Units" say the value of 1 U.S unit is about 30 IRN? and work through the calculation for others so that we could create a network and just bring the cash flow fully digital? btw Enjoyed the entire video, it was amazing, keep up the work! ✌👏

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