1. The party is over get out of the stock market.put half into metal that you hold .You hold got it.the rest cash small notes that you hold.get out early.This hole show is going belly up.good luck.

  2. Great show Peter. I'm a big fan of both you and Alex and have a foot in both traditional and crypto investment camps. People could do a lot worse than allocate a small percentage of their assets to quality cryptocurrencies-the risk/return ratio is irresistible imho.

  3. We should criminalise central bank and regulator malfeasance and negligence, such as that which has led to this disgusting housing bubble. Everyone focusses on the conduct of the banks, but this debt situation would not have been possible if not for the lending framework set in place by the RBA and APRA.

  4. Not against cryptos, but 10% spreads are not the case everywhere, with TransferWise you can send 200 AUD to the UK for a transparent 1.94 AUD fee and at the same exchange rate that is reported by Google (presumably the inter-bank rate). I don't work for TransferWise but happily using them to do remote contract work for US companies.

  5. DELUSIONAL, Switzer is corrupt.
    Do not listen to Switzer, he's a complete distrustful person, there's a major recession coming due to the likes of this guy… it's in his own interest to tell you there's no problem with the economy, he has a finance company so he wants you to keep borrowing, he's a so called financial planner so he wants business, he's a mortgage broker… can you see the signs here?
    Do not listen to him, do the opposite. He will be eating his words soon… (plus I wouldn't listen to anyone that can't string a sentence together without slurring his words).

  6. you guys are delusional if you think the Australian economy is going to get stronger… over 30% of households (accordingly to Martin North of DFA) are in mortgage stress, because of too much DEBT…

  7. Bitcoin is not the future of money . It is not free . Its is not fast any more and it cant possibly handle a trillion dollar industry . It cannot be fixed . Its the nature of block chain . People forget the reason crypto crashed in Jan 2018 was that in a mere 400 billion market cap it almost grinded to a halt . It took hours if not days to transfer and fees went through the roof . Bitcoin opened the door . Libra will be Crypto 2.0 and will change the landscape for ever . Every thing around today will be obsolete . The new cryptos from Libra on ward will be the future . We are trying to compare those brick phones ( Bitcoin ) 56to where we will head to the Iphone . Still hedge your bets . I tell every to buy $1000 of bitcoin and simply put it aside . 10 years on it could be worth something but dont waste your money on any thing else around today .

  8. AMP has trounced my mother's retirement funds (now moved) via massive fees for no service. After all their lip service and promises to compensate affected customers after the RC, she tried to get some recompense and they told her to go jump. So she has, right into the hands of AFCA. We are coming for you arseholes. I would not go near AMP if my life depended on it. They treat their customers with absolute disdain and in our experience continue to do so despite professing otherwise. They are rotten to the core.

  9. Alex is one of the most down to earth presenters out there. He has a premium group of like minded people, delivers free YouTube content weekly and has just set up free learning modules for beginners on NuggetsNews.com. I think the most important thing here, like any stock, is do your own research, and only invest what you are comfortable with. Don’t blame the market for people’s bad decisions…like selling mums house 😮 OMG

  10. I believe it's game over for AMP. Seriously it's been downhill since the UK Pearl schmozzle back in 2002. It's never come back strong since those days.

  11. Before you ban Bitcoin, you must first ban cars as they kill thousands of people every year, and you must ban the internet (criminals communicate over the internet, much bad content is flowing over the internet.) And also lets pretend that fire was never discovered, because it burns down houses; and books are bad because Hitler wrote a nasty book called "Mein Kampf." All powerful new technologies have negative sides (Bitcoin actually very few downsides) so we must embrace the Bitcoin technologies and become world leaders in this space and soon we'll be able to export our knowledge to the rest of the world.

  12. Well done Alex , you present very well and set a great example for the future of money ( Bitcoin) .
    Good chance Mr Switzer could be a future holder.

  13. Well done Mr Switzer and Alex for a civil conversation on bitcoin.

    So. Bitcoin holds governments to account through scarcity and an open ledger.

    So bitcoin allows you to be your own bank and send any amount , anywhere in the world in minutes for next to nothing.

    So bitcoin is immutable, Divisible by 10 decimal places, portable and scarce to only 21 million.

    Is it me or is this no brainer investment of a lifetime. Seems like a modern version of Austrian economics.


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