Should We Trust the Bitcoin Rally? $1 Billion Crypto Startup Investment! DEXs vs Atomic Swaps

Is this #Bitcoin rally sustainable? South Korean Capital invests $1 billion into crypto startups, Elon Musk says Bitcoin is “brilliant,” Binance DEX vs BarterDEX …


  1. Theres a game on PS4 VR called Firewall and its really cool cause when you win a match it will say “good work. We are transferring your Crypto Payment.” And you use “crypto” to buy weapon attachments. Thats so cool that even video games are recognizing it as a currency. Good video as always Crypto Zombie!

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  7. NY is the worst nanny state in the country. And Musk is a con man, all I see him do is go around w/ his brilliant ideas and secure taxpayer funding for his projects. Solar City, in Buffalo, is a massive taxpayer funded boondoggle.

  8. I think tax reform is important to mainstream adoption. Who was ts to add tax calculations for every purchase. Taxes are already very complicated, that just makes it so much worse

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