Should You Buy Gold/Silver/Bitcoin? (INFINITE MONEY PRINTING)

These are unprecedented times. With central banks printing crazy amounts of money, interest rates at zero, and debt levels through the roof, the future is …


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  2. You are the cutest teacher in you tube. I hope my computer science engineering son, who 27 y.o with no knowledge about $$meet someone like you. Thank you for all your research. The truth is most professionals including myself are too busy making $$and improving knowledge but we are ignorant about finance. I love your channel. I started actively investing now because of you.

  3. If ready to retire and already have a good 401K , index funds and sep IRA. I was planning to have some at least 3 years salary saved up in cash before retiring and actually live off my savings and social security before touching my money in 401k Should I change that thought and put at least half of cash in bitcoin and gold.

  4. 🔼🔼🔼
    The American dollar is backed by the full assurance of the American government… AKA ( geometry ) AKA , highway system, military system,, medical system, agricultural system, industrial system, walking on the moon system, high technology,, thousands and thousands of University and colleges,, the hottest women on the planet that would include you Rosa…. it's a value system…
    We are allowed to retire gold for other kinds of value… 🔼 all the gold in the world above ground equal 7 trillion dollars…🔼 in one year the entire world exchange of monetary transfer is 65 to 70 trillion dollars…..🔵 gold simply became obsolete🔴 value system value system 🔸value system🔸 value system🔸 value system🔸 value system 🔸value system 🔸value system… silver and gold is an ancient woman we cannot get out of minds…she was that good….a wonderful and faithful and delicious and memorable luxurious ,pleasing, biblical, naughty, greed,,, all things to us.. a real hottie… These days a Honda Civic really is worth 14 oz of gold.. today gold is a focal point ,,a standard,, lots of people abused this beautiful mature woman… people on high plateaus are not impressed…

  5. Interesting and informational, other than considering Bitcoin real money. It is finite but new cryptocurrencies can be easily created (let's call it Robertcoin) and marketed to ransomware criminals to boost "utility". So new supply is just as available as fiat currencies, so digital inflation can be a real issue among cryptocurrencies. Besides no central bank hold cryptocurrencies, contrary to gold, silver and foreign debt.

  6. Bitcoin is a fools gold.
    Who would ever thought one day investors would scramble for something with no intrinsic value. It's not valued against a company or real estate either. Regulation is poor too.
    Also I know a ton of people are benefiting from increase in prices of bitcoins, well good for them I'm quite content to continue investing in other investments.

  7. i would be tempted to say cash always goes down, but the central banks are powerful and can allow or cause deflation if they want esp. if everyone is on the side of believing inflation is here to stay. Globalization is extremely deflationary and if the central bank or gov. decided to stop deficit spending u would have a deflationary crash like u have never seen

  8. Greet video. I agree with a lot you have said. I personally am not a fan of bitcoin. Warren Buffet now owns more over half a billion worth of goldmining stocks.

  9. As much as I like your videos in general for their thoughtfulness. This one is a bit lagging behind: bank notes were not created because it was handy (coins of different value existed for that), Bretton Woods was about pegging every major currency to the USD which itself was the only currency convertible in gold (the US had by far the largest stock on gold at the end of WWII), then the creation of money (well, most of the money creation is done by private banks via credit not central banks. Central banks creating money via QEs is sth new and still smaller than credit), etc. I stoped here. Please research more your macro and history points. That being said, keep it up for the other investing videos, they are quite good 🙂

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