Should You Invest In Bitcoin?

Should you invest in Bitcoin? In this video, I’ll share reasons why Bitcoin could go up, and why it could go down instead. Then I’ll share whether I’ll personally …


  1. i have a few stupid questions since long time ago but couldn't find any official answers so I'm just checking here in case you know any sources that i can read. Thanks in advance 🙂 Who is the owner of bitcoin? Who is responsible for it? As it suddenly appeared over the internet and first used by black market, isn't there a very high chance that it can suddenly disappear one day? Is it legal or protected/insured at all? It feels like we use our real money to buy a promise and that promise can vanish at any time with no law protecting us… I attended an advanced lecture in the university by a cryptography researcher and professor last year and she was 100% not recommending bitcoin …..

  2. Despite hearing about bitcoin years ago, I've always been so skeptical investing is this crypto currency trend but after investing $1000 and in days I was sent $7,000 as my return on investment. I knew I have missed a lot.

  3. Hi Kelvin! I, myself, have taken part in the BTC hype. I started in Aug 2020 with only S$70. Then suddenly the BTC dropped by 20%. Then I exchanged crypto’s between Eth and Nano until I made up my mind to stick to BTC. I plan to do a monthly investment of S$50 and see where it will take me. Maybe you could do a video about the platform you use for BTC or cryptocurrencies. I use Wirex. Do check it out. I find it better than Binance, IMO. Btw, you’re doing a great job for making videos about different kinds of financial activities.

  4. weird that only bitcoin is popular, in the world where anyone can just create a new cryptocurrency
    there is no key differentiation that prevent people to switch to other cryptocurrency its as though its controlled by an invisible power

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