Should You Invest in Bitcoin at $40,000?

Bitcoin and the crypto market overall have been exploding over the past month. As 2020 progressed, suddenly decentralized currencies like Bitcoin gained …


  1. Please don't feel stupid. All of the decisions we make in life are calculated risks. You would feel smart if Bitcoin crashed to $0 and feel like you have down syndrome if bitcoin becomes $140,000. A person's thesis can be right and lose money, and a have a wrong thesis and make money. The only thing we can do as investors is hopefully make more good decisions than bad decisions over time. You didn't miss anything. Everyone wants to buy ethereum at $1300 but no one wants it at $150. I got a lot of shit for buying eth at $240 this year, it was a calculated decision with high risk.

  2. This economic crisis is just a time that differentiate the wise from the others. The wise will invest right now either in stock or cryptocurrency just to hold some shares of something

  3. This was phenomenal content! Invest in what you know. Because I do this I have made 35% today on my options contracts and I'm up 143% since I opened those contracts. There are ways to be profitable in what you know without having to be speculative.

  4. The DeFi sector is booming again and the need for fast, scalable, Ethereum alternatives has sent Solana (SOL) trading volume to record-highs.2021 got off to a quick start and the current crypto bull market has seen assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) shoot to new all-time highs on an almost daily basis. While new price highs are positive for investors, they do present a range of challenges relating to fees, transaction speeds and the centralization of what is meant to be a decentralized ecosystem. Since mid-2020 institutional investors have been steadily flooding into cryptocurrency and this is exacerbating the issue of scalability, high transaction costs and lengthy confirmation times on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.I was luckly to be under the guidance of a trading agent named Mr vicente sanz, who taught me the basics of Bitcoin and how you can also trade correctly ,how signals can be used to trade with less effort. I was able to change my portfolio from 0.54 Btc to 2.5 Btc in 5 weeks or less, and would recommend vicente to anyone interested in learning how to trade CRYPT0. you can get to him via telgram (@vicentesanz) or WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818), Gmai(vicentesanzofficial @Gmailcom) i promise you, you will not regret it.

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  6. Part of your problem here Ryan is that you're not controlling for the falling price of the USD in comparison to the increasing price of Bitcoin. You're missing the larger Macro pattern unfolding before you, is it because your assets are primarily USD based and you're unable or unwilling to consider the possibility of the USD being replaced as the world's reserve currency?

    I beg you to consider the outcomes of the USD falling out of favour as the world's reserve currency! The choice to NOT include Bitcoin in your personal portfolio may actually cause the rest of your assets to fall in relation to it.

    At least purchase some sort of hedge against a falling USD value!
    Also consider the price of all precious metals once asteroid mining is available and 100's of times the world's supply of precious metals are contained within each asteroid!

    Please Ryan, Please!

  7. All I can say is I'm sure glad I finally bought a wee bit 3 months ago when it was "only" $15K.

    You want "utility"? Research and do not ignore XRP and XLM (both about .30/coin right now)… just in case endless money printing causes a few l'il probs by kicking the can down the road. (Don't WAIT to "know" more about this asset class until it's….. less rewarding, let's say, to do so). πŸ˜‰

    I also hold gold. I also hold dividend stocks. I hold REIT stock. I am not a day trader cuz I don't enjoy "the thrill of the chase." But I do spend time each day to watch and learn. Never be afraid of changing interests. What used to seem boring and un-fun – i.e. learning about money, business-building, and material wealth, because I was a "creative" and we don't like that stuff – is now TRULY one of my favorite and most enjoyable daily activities!

    My MAIN asset, though? ME. Learn, build my skills, take care of "the temple" (my own bod). Learn about things I find fun & interesting that increase sharable skills. Build community and buy good books.**

    **Two GREAT suggestions: Read Ryan's book! Join the One Percent. πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹πŸ˜˜

  8. Thank you for this video Ryan! I was beating myself up for not having invested earlier in Bitcoin. But you have again given me good perspective that the greatest invest will be into my business and there is where my greatest returns will be.

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