Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency? | Phil Town

Cryptocurrency is all anyone has been hearing about right now, so let’s talk about it. In this video, I want to talk to you about cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and …


  1. Good video, but I would be careful with putting the bitcoins in the same bag as the altcoins (the cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin) and discuss them in general terms. Bitcoin is by far the most extended in the market capitalization and also its popularity is the highest one, so it wins easily the enormous competition among cryptocurrencies. Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, it has a limited supply, the same way as gold; it's completely decentralized and safe – this makes it inflationproof by concept. Although its still highly speculative, I could argue that it complies with Benjamin Graham's principle of "Investing in something that you believe has a sound value and this value will grow over time".

    Additionally, I would argue with Buffett's quote (6:33) since, although it's a clever point, speaking more analytically, historically gold has always proven to be a safe asset even during wartime. A golden necklace or ring could save a person's life or provide them an escape to a better world. I really don't think it's serious to say "If something bad happens, no one will care about this yellowish shiny metal, they will just care about food and gold will have almost no value", which is more or less what Buffett's quote implies. History really shows otherwise.

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  6. Just recently came across you from a recommendation of a Brian Tracy either his YouTube or one of the emails he sent me I have passed on your channel to my brother who recently invested some money in crypto currency this is so valuable information you are sharing and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you Phil

  7. Well, don't you all wish you bought some BTC at $4k. lol
    JPMorgan is buying huge amounts of crypto currency.
    Sometimes, you just have to tune out the noise and focus on your own goals.

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  9. Now the crypto mostly used in deep web, but after many years I think it will be in the lead. I am investing 500$ only in crypto. I don’t know maybe will add more

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  11. They said internet was a joke back then…look at us now all using it…Hmm for me bitcoin has a lot of potential…time will tell…internet has equal the playing field for acquiring information for anyone around the world..i think If we have enough people on board for bitcoin it can take off.

  12. Cryptocurrency is technically cash. And cash is dead money. Stay away from this folks. If the richest guys in the world don't believe in crypto, probably you shouldn't as well !!

  13. Jamie Dimon is a thief…while he said this he acted for some of his clients and bought bitcoin…did I mention his own daughter at this time bought botcoin. His job is to protect his bank…..crypto is the fiuture of money and it doesnt need a big fat greedy bank as a mediator to use it. China is now the forerunner in Blockchain. You cant stop Bitcoin! You need to do a new updated video on crypto. Also Warren buffet and Charlie munger also said Google and Amazon was a scam….this technology is the upcoming generation. Allocate 2 % due to volatility.

  14. It is a hardcore truth told here about BTC and all said is absolutely true but the world today is in desperate need of a solution to a FIAT currency and monetary order. Also, in desperate times people have tendencies to take desperate actions, and right now the BTC looks like the only solution (not that some are not working on another/better one – centralized or decentralized). I think that governments and the banking system (the true masters of the planet) won't have enough time left to fix the bubble that has been created. This is going to help a few crypto coins (blue chip coins) out there to become a safe haven before we reinvent capitalism. In the long run, BTC is not going to last, as neither did any of the FIAT currencies ever (only GOLD and few other metals prevail but in some scenarios even they can become obsolete) but it will be used long enough so the wealth could get distributed. Also, consider that these days things are moving 1000times faster and what previously took 5000years to mature and become mainstream nowadays takes only 50 years or less, besides the paper money as we know it today isn't that old 🙂 and was forced by governments – they made people believe that it has value! Furthermore, markets often move on sentiment and I think this will be the case now in 2020 or 2021 and thus fore it is acceptable to take the RISK and invest in BTC (and/or better jet XRP) just in case. Even dough I think that diversification is stupid if you are financially well educated, most of the people aren't nor do they have time for it but when the s#$% starts to happen they will rush into crypto to protect the pinouts they have just to maintain the way of living (sell-buy stuff) cause I think that very soon FIAT currencies will get more volatile than BTC. Then it just might happen that this time the "smart money" prevails and it will get digitalized and/or it'll end up in precious metals probably in the way that digitalized money will get backed-up by gold and on's more the gold standard will return to save the day 🙂 So, I think that 5% of your wealth should get into crypto FAST cause when the "stupid money" starts getting out of the real bubble such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and all the financial figment, you just might get saved by 1BTC that is now approximately worth $8000 and afterwords/ pass the financial crisis that is imminent, it will be the only thing that will have (and few other) purchasing power a.k.a. become the really MONEY (not the currency)!

  15. Thank you for the content.Investing is all about understanding and having a vision about something.I think investors of bitcoin will get a great return or a great lesson.

  16. Correct me if wrong. Cryptocurrency is excellent for it's limited supply. It needs a stabler price somehow. It's a good idea, no government can tax you by inflation. It's international and universal in nature. If its a cheaper way to transact you're saving money every purchase. Capitalism wants this. When bitcoin is very established i could see secondary cryptos emerging strong.

  17. I do really really agree with Phil, but I really wish Phil would have understood exactly how bitcoin works, it comes across like he has a very mild understanding of it and I know people that are obsessed with crypto currency 'investing' will catch that and be skeptical.

    I do think the way bitcoin itself works is genius, and I would sort have liked to hear his opinions on how bitcoin works, but yea, I completely agree, I think its a terrible 'investment' (I dont even consider it investing, its more like trading in my eyes since you're purely just hoping bitcoin is going to be worth more than the dollar)

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