1. For someone who is just starting, another thing to consider is leaving yourself open to average down. People get excited to jump in because they feel it will go up. Maybe it will, but possibly it will go down FIRST. If you've got $5,000 that you will be investing, don't put it all in now. Maybe start with $1,000, and commit to buying another $1,000 if the price drops by 20%, or if you see a lower support level that looks good. Drops are a lot less stressful and frustrating if you are in a position to average down, and improve your position.

  2. i invested found out this good trader saviorcashaddertools on google search a year ago since then i have increase on my wallet worth 15.7 BTC….. through SAVIORCASHADDERTOOLS ON GOOGLE SEARCH…..

  3. I bought bitcoin all time high doing 2017 I dollar cost average each month until now my bitcoin still up 50% return today. I don't sell my bitcoin for next 10 years I buy bitcoin store in my ledger nano x and hold my bitcoin.

  4. Currencies are essential to most people around the world, whether they realize it or not, and that is why one needs to secure his money by getting the right trading agent.

  5. I still have some 17.4 btc now, but I stupidly sold off around 74 back in 2015. I started off mining using a load of Antminers. I do not trade, I only hold and I have had that many ups and downs I don’t give a monkeys !

  6. the New world order khazarian mafia uses cryptos to traffick children via the website Backpage com and Trump indicted it and now as the pedophiles are arrested their crypto holdings are immediately liquidated simple as that

  7. adress, strategy of NOT spending too much cash on the highs, and Dollar cost averaging down, such that you don't have extra cash to purchase at the ATLows. Ugh!

  8. amazing video personaly i think dayly trading is better for me but if someone wants to invest in a longterm you need to invest and forget your money becouse if you keep checking dayly and wake up at night in hops that the price will go up you are absolutely doomed because of course if you see more of 50% deecrease you will panic so this is my opinion of course its easy to say if someone is incesting 200$ and someone who is investing 10 000$ but you know this is how the way works prices have ups and downs everytime it's normal

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