Stablecoins Explained For Dummies! (Overview Of Cryptocurrency Stablecoins)

Stablecoins are an important part of the crypto world since they provide much needed stability and protection against the currently volatile nature of …


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  2. all these stablecoins found themselves in rather questionable situation now, people are losing trust in them. hopefully, being the most dubious, paxos will be forgotten soon

  3. Yay for dummies!! (Beginners)

    From my experience thus far, stable coins are useful for cashing out in more generic exchanges.

    This differs from national based exchanges that are KYC, link to your bank account and tend to offer multiple FIAT cashout options.

    Then you can transfer stable coins to your KYC exchange wallet and then swap it for FIAT to cash out.

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome video!!! USDT does seem sketchy, so I try to stay away. There is also TRX-USDT support now.. PAX, GUSD, and USDC seem okay, but I'm really MOST interested in DAI! 👍👍👍

  5. I think there are more instructive graphics about Stables than your pictures, well, they have a very low market, usdt as a pioneer, remains the only currency that is use

  6. stable coin concept is very interesting however I do not understand why so many different companies have decided to copy model of tether instead of making some kind of innovation

  7. I`m a bit of a crypto dummy but I have a clue about the actual state of things. Tether is the most promising stablecoin which is constantly slandered by corrupted mass media for that reason, the majority of others are just its weak clones.

  8. you are mentioning PAX here but there is information about PAX is having a backdoor in it's code that can be used by third-party service providers to seize the funds from clients' accounts. very suspicious project…

  9. New stablecoins make fluctuation of the main coin Tether. They are trying to oppose Tether creating the hype wave but all these stablcoins except Tether are copies and do not make sense on the market. It`s a fact

  10. Watch Tether slide when the Q.E begins again. I think they have to be pegged to gold to be worth anything. Tethers velocity is 2.5 times it's market cap as I look at it, 2.5 x market cap I don't see many popular coins with that sort of use. Again great video mate, love your vids. Merry Christmas 🙂

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