1. Very informative video, Options involves risks and it’s not suitable for everyone. Options trading can be speculative in nature and carry substantial risk of loss. And it’s not what you just venture into without a deep knowledge about it or the help of a professional broker.

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  5. If I sell a naked call option and make my initial cost plus some profit, can they come back and take money from me if the price rebounds and goes up? Or is that potential lost just theoretical if I had never sold?

  6. very confusing for me as a beginner. The pace was too quick. I was trying to replay your first video which. I saved. How can I download a video so that I have more time to study each slide?

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  9. Hi, I have difficulty understanding the option prices. At 6:00 you explain that FB is currently is $165.85 and call option price for FB price at 115 us very expensive; above $50! Probability that FB drops so low ( $115) is so low, ALMOST, out of realm of reality, so shouldn't the option price for $115 be very cheap. Since the risk is so high?
    Thanks in advance for making this useful videos.

  10. If the stock price goes against your position before the expiration date, do you sill lose the money or does it have a chance to make it back to break even or make a profit before the expiration date.

  11. Hi maybe you can add a summary page somewhere or in the future, explaining that: The profit of Options buying (whether it is call or put) is generated as a result of the movement in underlying stock price, while the profit of Options selling (whether it is call or put) is generated from the premium collected.

    This may help ppl to grasp the overall idea that differentiates the buy vs sell, and stock vs option price. Because as a total noob that being bombarded with a lot of information, I found that somehow we could still get confused between the underlying price and the option price.

  12. Very in-depth and informative. Being a beginner and this my first video on options, I'm still a little confused. But I imagine that's pretty normal.
    Do most platforms have a similar spreadsheet when buying options? I'm currently using Robinhood and I don't believe they contain such a spreadsheet when trading.

  13. To quote Peter Lynch, the most successful mutual fund manager of all time, on options:

    "Time is on your side when you own shares of superior companies. You can afford to be patient–even if you missed Wal-Mart in the first five years, it was a great stock to own in the next five years. Time is against you when you own options."

    Beating the Street (Simon & Schuster, 1993), p. 305

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  16. I am a complete beginner when it comes to options trading, actually what is the level before beginner, lol. I didn't hear it mentioned in this video but can't you also minimize or mitigate risk by already owning the shares, I think it is called covering your calls? Is there also a version of covering your puts? The examples given in this video were what is known as naked trades right (vs. covered trades). I am still trying to get the basic terminology down. If an option is exercised, at what point does that occur? Is it after the expiration and within a certain time frame? I think I had already watched the newer version of this video, I think it was around a 3 hour video. I am going to have to watch it again, maybe more of the info will sink in.

    Love the video, very informative. Please don't take this wrong, I have one suggestion for you so you can make your content even better. My suggestion is to NOT edit out your natural pauses during speech. Those natural pauses are mainly there to give the listeners time to absorb information. They can also be used for emphasis and a longer pause can be a cue of drama, excitement or anticipation. I have seen some videos that completely remove pauses and many of them are people who speak much faster than most people which compounds the problem. Their videos are really bad as they force their audience to expend all their energy just to keep up with them. Yours isn't too bad because you speak at a fairly normal rate of speed but this topic makes it bad, lol (at least for me since I have very limited knowledge of options trading).

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  19. i watched the whole video and i am more confused than when i came here. I got some key word from the video and i will do my own research in hope that i will understand everything. If not then i will wait another 2 years until my masters

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  21. why a lot of traders lose is because they do not know the correct market indices/signals to coolate, analyse and interpret before trading, many merely watch these videos, use the strategy they saw that day and pray it works for them without understanding why consistency matters, they make random trades, win 10% and lose 90%.

    These loses pile up and then they realize they have lost way more than they win.

    Oil prices, economic turmoil in Iran, the massive unemployment rate world-wide as a result of.COVID-19 all these have a major impact on trading predictions and strategies. if you are inexperienced, get a Licensed professional to help you. Binary trading is not as easy as this video

  22. Appreciate The Video Attempt But U Explained A Lotta The Simple Terms, In Really Complex Ways. . It’s Okay To Say Shit In A Plain & Direct Manner Sometimes Bro

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