Stop Focusing on Bitcoin & Start Investing In Yourself

In this video, I talk about why people should stop focusing on Bitcoin (short-term gains) and start investing in themselves and focus on growing their …


  1. Thanks for the advice, obsessing about bitcoin instead of forgetting your duty and purpose which creates better values in your life. It is still possible to do cryptocurrency but perhaps but more on long term hold and stop thinking about it every minutes, some projects their has great potential, do it maybe 10 mins a day or on weekends, those days that won't disrupt your focus of your duties. Anyway bitcoin is bad investment, put your bet on other coins 😊

  2. Well I'm a graphic designer I have my dream job, and I work for a BitCoin company. I'm currently invested in cryptocurrencies. I'm seeing a return.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Let me preface this by saying – I do find your content valuable. It's helped me segue into UI Design. However, I do have some things to add. To me, Bitcoin is not the crypto to invest in anymore. It's ROI has been proven to be significantly LESS than the other 2 of the "Big three" coins ETH and LTC. Personally, I invested in LTC and have ALREADY seen a 150% return – even through consolidation and dips. LTC grew over 9000% this year. Additionally, if you've managed to amass a 4-5 figure profit off of one of the big 3 coins quickly, it'd make more sense to cash out and reinvest back into alt coins which can ACTUALLY make you thousands of dollars. In my opinion, that is investing in yourself. You've even said it yourself – don't be a starving artist. This can help people remedy this!

  4. Well said. I'm greatly entertained by people who are "way too into it." Crypto as tools and things the market demands are worth offering for leverage, however, getting lost in trying to get rich with it is counterproductive just like you said.

  5. Its not just Bitcoin. There are 1000s of cryptocurrency altcoins and its smart to invest in some of them. Dentacoin — which is an investment in the Dental market — rose 200% in one day and one can get a 1000+ with $10. Investing in other businesses is not contrary to investing in yourself. It just depends on your end goals.

  6. Amen, Mike. I am living proof that "invest in yourself" is a better use of your time & money. Currently, 207% increase in income, 1148% ROI by investing in myself in 2017. My position was "restructured"; during 4 mouths unemployed I invested in myself (skills, research, networking, etc) & have made more money in the last 2 months of 2017 than 1st 6 months. More confidence + more skilled + larger network + more resources = much bigger ROI now & in future perpetually.

  7. Very good comment. I'm studying more things now and would not have the time as developer to sit and study bitcoin. That why I listen to good designers like yourself!

  8. Hi Mike, great advice like always. I agree with you 100% and your video helped me refocused in what really matters, my skill development. Wish you the best this year.

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