TA & Bitcoin Trading Nr.3 – Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, Sequential TD

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  1. You explained well sir, like to keep things really straight forward and simple, and ranges are no exception. A trader’s ‘style’ can be broken down into four main categories. -Scalpers -Day Traders -Swing Traders -Position Traders. it category liberated a lot of us from getting confused in terms of trading. As a bitcoin position trader using Lukas Wilhelm's IQD strategy method. It is best practice to target the top and bottom boundaries for price action signals suggesting a bounce is likely to occur and it did occur. search the internet for this method.

  2. Hi, Sunny, Came across this video today, while searching for Tom DeMark. And its really great video.
    You have explain TD Sequential in a very simple & clear manner.
    I just modified bit in style. There are Green SR dots on upside & red SR dots on downside. I have change it to reverse, because on upside we consider resistance which is in red & on downside we consider support, which is in green.
    Secondly, when down side starts, the Red triangles appears below candle & when upside starts Green triangle appears on above the candles.
    I have changed it to reverse, now when down trend starts Red triangles appears on above the candle, & when up trend starts
    green triangle appears below the candle.
    And the very … very important observations – This indicators works superb or very smoothly on Heikin Ashi chart. Trust me & check on your end, I got amazing results on 15 minutes Heikin Ashi chart. Its fantastic … mind blowing… 🤩🤩
    And let me thank you for posting such a wonderful info on TDS Indicator.
    Thanks a lot. 😊👍

  3. Thank you for TDs, I was looking for something like that since I'm trading.
    Let me share my experience with it, only because you asked for it..

    This year only I developed about 20 bots for trading for different exchanges, tried TA indicators, combinations of those with no significant success. Then I came out with my own with limited success(made some new ETHs), then I did arbitraging, works, fast, profitable, but I abandoned that.

    Since I found this video I started developing TD, had to dig deep because it didn't work well. I started reading books.

    I was still in early development when ETH got pumped from 09/29 05:00 216.88USD to 09/29 12:00 232.96,USD but I thought I'm having a bug and TD is misleading me, so I bought in early. TD predicted this hours before. Then it predicted hours before the 09/30 18:00 236.60USD top, still finding bugs, reading the book, I did not believe it and ignored it.

    While I was finishing the web frontend for my automatic TD system it predicted the dump coming, I even knew the time when it will happen, but there was a correction, I saw it in TD it is only a correction but a friend helped me out, telling me this is it, this is going up, so I i interacted emotionally again, and closed my 2 days old short position too early, not believing to TD, which predicted even the support level where I should set my take profit: for the earliest exit: 10/03 06:00 219.66USD, then 10/03 07:00 217.83USD, and it still not over yet :).

    So I learned a lot from this, and started trusting and being able to reading TD, and I must say doing it right it works exactly as promised.
    So thank you for the information, keep it up

  4. I think you should add Wave Formats to the list (types, kinds, number of waves, extended waves ……etc) i think this is very important to add

  5. Haha.. I remember that sunny used to mimick tone vays in one of his videos when I saw the TD Sequential part, I want to try using the TD, is it works on all time frames as equal as it is on the daily?

  6. We are approaching Autumn, where buyers think about other things rather than summer fun, & vacations. In retail, I always saw slow summer months, then a boom towards Autumn, and the holiday shopping season from September thru February. Bitcoin follows that trend it seems, Autumn thru Valentines Day.

  7. I still stress that Trading Analysis allows you to see what happened, but can not predict the future, just try back testing to find a prediction method and none will succeed…

  8. Hmm, interesting! Never heard about TD sequence… Good job Sunny! I like that you have actually spent some time annalising it. However, I don't fully agree with your perspective on Fib retracement. I think you are a little bias still and take too much of a negative stance on TA. Even if there is little scintific evident that it works, if too many people believe it works and use it, it becomes a self fulfilling proffesie. As Fib retracement is very widely used, it deffo holds some significance!

  9. • Hi sunny a I appreciate your effort in the TA videos, I just want to talk about the Ichimoku indicator, it is one of the powerful indicator to read the chart from just one look, you can detect the trend direction and the strong support and the resistance from just on look,
    this the link for the "the most approachable tutorial I've found yet"

  10. Please could you also explain Bitmex more, I made unrealized PNL which I was very happy with so I closed the contract and I am asuuming because it wasn't realized is the reason I never got it. Can anyone help please?

  11. I follow your channel closely and recently started following Alessio Rastani's more closely as well, and was hoping to find someone who explains the setup tools and tricks for technical analysis. Thanks for this mate.

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