Teen 17yo & Two Others Hacked Twitter Accounts in BITCOIN SCAM!

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  1. Yeah they broke into my account. They tried to get into my checking right now they still have a an account under my married name of Deborah Ann Siefer. There using a phone number of 94 & 39 Where I cannot even get into Google yet. I keep telling Google there are hacking me since October of last year. They have gone in and changed my name added a few initials turn around and change my phone numbers they’ve done a lot they’ve got into the phone and shut everything off so I could only text or call 911 basically. Sent my phone to Medicare number and my emails to some other location. There sharing my line. If you don’t know your phone you better get to know it and know it real well so you know where to go to Turn things back on because if you don’t you’ll be frantic like I have been for the last two weeks. They also use other phone numbers but 94, 96, 77, 48, 39, these are the ending numbers that Google keeps saying when you go to your password and you can’t get anywhere and you say I forgot and Google says please enter the phone number ending in 39 or 94 and you don’t have it and then after you verify certain things and it comes back with a code on your phone and you verify it and then they turn around and says I’m sorry but we can’t identify that this is you. I better get my site back because if not I’m coming after Google I’m going after Apple cause my security was broken on that through a credit card that I just found out about and a few other people then I’m gonna start a class action lawsuit against because I’m tired of Google not fixing the problem Since October 2019 the minute I got these phones. So I hope Google reads us and fixes the problem when it goes publicly on new sites.

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