1. Hope you guys enjoy my explanation of USDT Tether. Since I made this video they have also had an audit that showed they have 100% reserves. ETH Tether and a number of other Tethered currencies are also in the pipeline 🙂

  2. It doesn't matter whether they're backed or not if they're not required to redeem. That's the only thing that matters. In 2020 their ToS have changed but they amount to the same thing – still not required to redeem.

  3. Ok I think I get it. Tether is that calm pool where the salmon retreats to on its way up river. Somewhere safe from the raging currents. And when the Bears are sleeping, it plunges in again and heads upstream. Clear video, thank you!

  4. Unless you are a criminal or just have no morals you have to no reason to touch crypto. Reasons why you should avoid at all costs:

    1 The majority of crypto thought leaders and founders have criminal records and extreme views.

    2 The founder of bitcoin had some crazy views too and was too ashamed to even reveal himself. What if that means he was an employee of a rogue regime, or a programmer for a terrorist group, or had a long list of criminal records?

    3 A massive majority of the supply is owned by a tiny number of wallets with no known ownership. They could be a rogue regime, a terrorist group, child traffickers, a mafia, stinking rich people who want to be even more stinking rich, or all the above. In fact, we have quite a lot of evidence that the ‘all the above’ option is correct.

    4 Because the prices are clearly artificial with fake volume and very thin liquidity behind them.

    5 Because it isn’t a store of value or even useful unless you have power in this game.

    6 Because a portion of every transaction goes into the pockets of the Chinese regime who control most of the hash power. You should not be paying a transaction tax to that regime. It’s bad enough our consumer products are made there. It is highly likely that Bitmain and Binance are fronts for raising and laundering money for the Red Army.

    7 Because sites like Bellingcat have shown us terrorist, Nazis and Russian intel wallets. Why should I buy in and make these early holders wealthier? You should not be financing people who kill and oppress people. It’s bad enough we fund our own military complex, why should we fund other militaries, fanatics and spy agencies?

    8 Because they pump and dump on everyone who buys into a bull run. The only real winners are the criminals listed above. They may let a few normies win but in the long run when you give such monstrous people more wealth and power they will crush you sooner or later.


  5. Lots of good information. I would have liked to see a tether transaction, how it looks on the blockchain, how the blockchain is secured (PoW?, How much power does it use/is it double spendable?) Found your logic to be extremely weak when you basically said, "They've issued lots of tokens so therefore it is unlikely to be a scam."

  6. A simple and easy explanation of how this coin works. Thank you for the video. Now I understand that the coin is very reliable and successful.

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