1. 1Sony account only had 1,051.72 sent to it with 2 transactions, the other bitcoin address looks like its some sort of an exchange hot wallet or something along those lines as they usually send money in bulk to minimize the transaction fees.

    So whoever sent $1,041.75, sent it through some online wallet service like Coinbase/Binance or any other exchange service, I don't see anything wrong with the transaction history as that is normal to see.

    So 10k wasn't sent to the scammers of that channel, only $1,051.72 were lost.

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  3. There was an ad going around before the ps5 revealed and it was a testing program for the console and it says that you can keep it 😐😐😐 it looked suspicious af

  4. someone tried to scam me on facebook one time. we traded pics and vids and she threatened to show them to everyone on my friends list if i didnt pay her. told her to do it. never had my pics leaked. they'll black mail you but wont actually expose you because thats some serious offense shit right there.

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